25 Most Powerful Marvel Cinematic Universe Super Heroes

25 Most Powerful Marvel Heroes

25 Most Powerful Marvel Cinematic Universe Super Heroes

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is growing ever year with new characters and new stories. And as Marvel Studios expands this universe, we are getting to see more heroes and villains with every new movie. But who are the most powerful MCU Superheroes?

But with great power comes great responsibility. As we all know!

Also, as we know, sometimes power corrupts even the most pure of heart. Luckily in the world of comic book movies, when our heroes meet an unstoppable force they adapt and become an immovable object.

Darkness cannot exist without the light.

As the threats continue to escalate through Phase 3 into Phase 4 we will surely see more powerful characters introduced. No doubt changes will come – particularly with massive powers like the Black Order and Thanos around the corner.

Lets take a look at which Marvel Hero could carry the torch for the good guys moving forward and raise their power level to face the next threat.

Here are the top 25 most powerful MCU superheroes already introduced in the movies and TV so far…

As they appear on screen and not considering their adventures in the comics.

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X-Men: Dark Phoenix Every Confirmed Character

X-Men Dark Phoenix Sophie Turner-min

X-Men: Dark Phoenix Every Confirmed Character

21st Century Fox is on the cusp of being acquired by Disney and completing the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But that is not stopping Fox from getting ready for its busiest year with one of its staple franchises. 

That includes Deadpool 2, the horror spinoff The New Mutants and X-Men: Dark Phoenix.

This movie will be the 7th X-Men Movie in the franchise but will follow the complicated time line that has been laid out in Days of Future Past. While directly following the events of X-Men: Apocalypse.

Where we see this new team come together for the first time.

This will be the second adaptation of the Dark Phoenix Saga” storyline that is pulled directly from the comics. The first try coming back in 2006 as part of X-Men: The Last Stand. Followed by some mixed reviews of how it was treated in its original debut, fans are a little wary about this upcoming sequel.

The Dark Phoenix movie is set to focus on X-Men member Jean Grey. As she begins to acquire incredible and uncontrollable powers that turn her into the evil cosmic force known as the Dark Phoenix.

One of the most powerful mutants to ever make its presence known in the pages of Marvel Comics.

Now the other members of the X-Men team are forced to take action to save the life of their team member and the rest of the world.

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Avengers: Infinity War Trailer Easter Eggs and Missed Details

Avengers Infinity War Trailer Easter Eggs and Missed Details

Infinity War Trailer Easter Eggs & Missed Details

Almost ten years ago the first Marvel Cinematic experience hit the big screen. Since then they have brought us 18 movies that has led us to this moment. And now we see the light at the end of the tunnel in the form a new Avengers Infinity War trailer.

This trailer paints a clear picture of the tone for this upcoming culmination film. Showing the sheer power and terror Thanos will bring to face off against earths mightiest heroes.

Avengers Infinity War Trailer Easter Eggs and Missed Details

Also showing signs of the war that is coming.

So we combed through the entire Infinity War Trailer a dozen or two times to see what cool Marvel easter eggs we could find.

Along with all the cool missable details.

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11 Upcoming DC Extended Universe Movies To Be Excited About

11 DC Extended Universe Upcoming Movies

11 Upcoming DC Extended Universe Movies

Justice League is in theaters and is receiving uneasy reviews from critics. And we all know that the DC Extended Universe has been struggling to find its footing to match that of the rival Marvel Cinematic Universe.

But despite a few mishaps along the way they show no sign of slowing down in the near future.

And I know as a fan I am glad they are not.

Warner Brothers and DC Comics have a full line up of movies set to start production. That could possible dig them out of the hole they seem to be in with critics and fans alike.

And hopefully one of these will be the turning point they have been looking for moving forward.

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Marvel Runaways TV Show Premier Episodes Review

Marvel Runaways TV Show Why Keep Watching

Marvel Runaways TV Show So Far

If you already read Meet The Runaways or Runaways TV Show Season 1 Trailer Breakdown Posts. You will know that the Runaways are a group of teenagers who for lack of a better term, runaway from their parents. After they stumble upon on one of their parents secret meetings and witness them killing a young girl.

They find out that their parents are members of a secret organization know as the Pride.

Also finding out that their parents back stories range from evil wizards, time travelers, mobsters, aliens and even mad scientists.

The Runaways Comic books are a cult classic and loved by many. And this gives Marvel a fresh concept that is a little off the beat and path of the movies and TV Shows they have created to date.

There have been a lot of questions surrounding this new Hulu exclusive Marvel Show. Like how would it compare to Netflix series like the recently released Punisher and Defenders.

Or other Marvel shows like Agents of Shield.

Does it fit into the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Since some of the shows do and some do not.

But still a lot of questions..

But lets take a quick look at the first three episodes and why you should stick around… Continue reading “Marvel Runaways TV Show Premier Episodes Review”

DC TV Show Yearly Crossover Event Crisis On Earth X

DC TV Crossover Crisis on Earth X Promotional Banner

Epic DC Crossover Event Crisis On Earth X

The CW and DC are bringing another Superhero crossover event starting Monday November 27th. This Crisis On Earth X is going to be big for a few reasons. One, all four DC TV shows including The Flash, Arrow, Supergirl and DC Legends of Tomorrow will be attending.

With all these heroes in one place we will get to see epic fight scenes, Nazi versions of our heroes and a wedding. All crammed into four hours of DC television.

Wait Nazi versions of our heroes?

Yes you are going to see evil versions most of our favorite heroes facing off against one another. With some new additions that we have not seen on screen yet.

So we wanted to talk a little bit about what we have gathered from the trailers and promotional material. And what we hope this is going to lead to down the road. Continue reading “DC TV Show Yearly Crossover Event Crisis On Earth X”

19 Justice League Movie Easter Eggs, References and Missed Details

Justice League Movie Easter Eggs, References and Missed Details

19 Justice League Easter Eggs and References

With Justice League movie in the theaters for a while now I think it is safe to talk about it in hopes that nothing will get spoiled for you. And even though critics have been a little rough on this movie so far it seems to have a decent view from the general public.

Mostly thanks to the epic characters that DC has to offer and the chemistry they showed on screen together.

The biggest complaint that I personally have with this movie is more of a complaint for the Warner Brothers executives. They forced this movie to be under 2 hours so it could be played more in theaters.

Which makes the plot feels very rushed at points and can seem like time jumps way into the future very abruptly. 

On top of that the villain is very blah too. And I think this stems back to the story being rushed because they had no time to really explain his back story. They tell us he is bad and then wants to destroy the world…

Then nothing more about him.

But all in all it was fun and the movie was filled with tons of awesome Justice League Movie easter eggs.

So we wanted to finally take a lot deeper into it.

Lets take a look. Continue reading “19 Justice League Movie Easter Eggs, References and Missed Details”

Justice League Movie Post Credit Scenes Explained

Justice League Movie Both Post Credit Scenes Explained

Both Justice League Post Credit Scenes Explained

The DC Comics Justice League Movie was released last week in the US and has left us with not one but two post credit scenes. There is a very different tone between the two post credit scenes that we are presented with.

So we wanted to take a deeper look at the meanings and possible plans laid out for future DC Movies. That could possibly stem from these scenes.

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But be weary of SPOILERS if you have not gotten to see the new Justice League Movie.

As both of these scenes happen at the end of the movie and could give away major plot points. But if you have seen it or just want to know what happened before you hit the theater, we can move forward.

So with these two scenes we get a view of two very different sides of the DCEU. The first depicting a very fun loving moment.

Where two of our favorite heroes are pitted against each other for a little friendly competition.

And on the other side of this we see a scene that shows us the darker side of the DC Universe. With two of the more well know villains that the Justice League faces, planning something evil for the movies to come.

But lets check out what happened and what some deeper meanings could be. Continue reading “Justice League Movie Post Credit Scenes Explained”

New Deadpool 2 Movie Teaser Wet on Wet Breakdown

Deadpool 2 Movie Teaser Wet on Wet

Deadpool 2 Movie Teaser Breakdown

The Merc with the Mouth is not part of the standard Marvel Cinematic Universe and is still owned by 21st Century Fox along with the others in the X-Men Franchise. But is part of the lineup of extremely successful Marvel Heroes with their own movies. So we wanted to check out all the awesome easter eggs and references dropped in this unusual teaser.

After the success of the odd promotional campaign of the first Deadpool movie.

We are starting to see Deadpool 2 launch its own crazy marketing campaign. With the Merc with the Mouth showing up in Good House Keeping and now impersonating late TV personality/painter Bob Ross on his show ‘The Joy of Painting’.

And good old Wade Wilson doesn’t disappoint.

Lets check it out… Continue reading “New Deadpool 2 Movie Teaser Wet on Wet Breakdown”

New Marvel TV Series: Marvel Runaways Character Posters

Marvel Runaways New TV Series Poster Gallery

New Marvel Runaways Character Posters

Marvel New TV Series Runaways New Promotional Banner

Marvel’s Newest TV series is literally a week away and finally after offering us a cool new banner (above). They decide to give us some more teasers in the form of some new Marvel Runaways character posters. Revealing a little more about the powers we will see these unsuspecting teens acquire.

Getting a close up looks at Old Lace’s tail and Talkback’s Fistigons.

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