11 Most Impactful Marvel Movie Foreshadows

11 Most Impactful Marvel Movie Foreshadows

Before 2008’s Iron Man Marvel movie, superheroes faced their foes all alone. Confined to their own separate story lines and universes than their fellow heroes.

But that was all about the change with the idea of the cinematic universe that Marvel was about to bring to life.

And with this new concept, Marvel started an epidemic. Where fans comb through every line of dialog, analyzing and debating every scene of each movie.

In an epic hunt for easter eggs or things to come in the future.

Some very noticeable like the reveal of Thanos as the villain behind all villains in the movies we have seen. To some very very subtle hints like seeing the Infinity Gauntlet in scenes during the 1st Thor.

Both as impactful as the other…

I wanted to put together this list of the 11 most impactful Marvel Movie Easter Eggs and Foreshadows throughout the MCU. 

11 Most Impactful Foreshadowing Moments in Marvel Movies Thanos

1. Avengers Initiative – Iron Man

Lets start our list off with the first of its kind.

Marvel presented us with an unheard of concept with a relatively unknown hero, Iron Man. As we look back on this movie we can see how Marvel was setting up a future legacy for its movies with subtle hints from the start.

Remember Agent Phil Coulson, the government agent who followed the billionaire playboy Tony Stark around during our first Iron Man movie.

How many times did he try to tell us he worked for the Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division. To the normal fan this was a good laugh. Then it was glazed over as noise in the background of the bigger story.

But to the trained eye you would have realize that this is the agency known as Shield founded the Avengers!

Small subtle nods here and there to get your mouth watering. That is finally topped off during the post credits scene in Iron Man. When Nick Fury confronts Tony Stark for the first time.

Even telling Tony he has become part of a bigger universe.

11 Most Impactful Foreshadowing Moments in Marvel Movies Tony Stark Meets Nick Fury Iron Man Movie

This is where we see him hint at The Avengers Initiative for the first time. 

Exactly where we hear the words that changed Iron Man from a stand alone film to part of a universe of movies that will all be interconnected. At this point Hulk already had his 1st Movie ready to go and there were talks of Captain America and Thor getting there stand alone movies as well. But now we knew that all of these little nods and hints pointing us to other heroes are not just fanboy dreams.

They are becoming an actuality.

So Nick Fury and Agent Coulson dropped the first and most impactful easter eggs and foreshadowing ever. That shaped the whole MCU moving forward.

Lets see what epic easters eggs followed.

2. Captain America – The Incredible Hulk Movie

Even die hard fans sometimes forget that the Incredible Hulk movie with Edward Norton playing Bruce Banner is part of the bigger universe. But he is and this movie had quiet a few hints that tell us what is to come in the MCU.

Along with an awesome cameo from Iron Man himself who tells General Ross he is building a team.

11 Most Impactful Foreshadowing Moments in the Marvel Cinematic Universe Tony Stark

Avengers foreshadowing again…

During the movie we see a few hints dropped in when the military is tracking down Bruce Banner. Yes, they are utilizing Stark weaponry and technology.

Since we are talking about foreshadowing here we need to bring up the fact that the serum that created Captain America many years ago led to Bruce becoming Hulk. The government was trying to recreate the serum and procedure using Gamma Radiation.

But for some reason it was “put on ice”.

A perfect play on words because we know now that Cap was frozen for the past 70 years.

But if you purchased the Incredible Hulk on DVD and scanned through the special features like I did. You will see a deleted scene were Bruce is wandering through the Arctic. In the frozen water we see the shadow of a very familiar shape. That we know now is the ship that Steve Rogers flies into the ocean after defeating the Red Skull in his first stand alone movie.

We get two hints and nods in this movie. That tell us, not only are Bruce and Tony connected but Captain America is on his way to join the team.

At this point we did not know how but now we cannot even think about an Avengers team without this legendary Super Soldier.

Two Marvel Movies in and we already have some serious implications from these foreshadows.

Lets see what comes next.

3. Hidden Marvel Heroes – Iron Man 2 Movie

Iron Man 2 has a ton of foreshadowing and easter eggs. At the time it was released pointed to things in the near and distant future.

So during Iron Man 2, Tony finds a lot of cool items kept by his father that lead us to the Captain America Movie. He does not take much time to look over these items because he is faced with his own set of problems at that time in the movie. But we come to learn that Howard Stark, Tony’s dad, was a very influential person in Steve Rogers life.

Which is passed onto Tony soon after…

But lets talk about something we have not seen foreshadowed yet. Near the end of the movie we get to see inside one of the Shield safe houses. Where we are presented with a few screens were we see different parts of the world highlighted.

Malibu where Tony lives. 

But some parts of the world were the MCU has not explored yet.

We see New Mexico highlighted. Where we learn Thor’s Hammer Mjolnir lands. On top of that we get more nods at Thor again during the post credits scene.

As Agent Coulson arrives at the crater where Thor’s Hammer lands.

On top of that we see one of the highlight areas is over a portion of Africa where Wakanda is located. For us it was all the foreshadowing we needed to convince ourselves that Black Panther is going to be part of this universe.

11 Most Impactful Marvel Movie Foreshadows - Namor, Black Panther and Thor Iron Man 2

It was years before we saw this pay off but finally during Civil War we got justification for this long forgotten foreshadowing.

Then finally there is highlighted area on the map that has still not been paid off.

It looks as though it is off the east coast of the Americas. Where a little known city named Atlantis resides. And who in the Marvel Universe comes from Atlantis.

Well the hero known as Namor, the Sub Mariner comes from Atlantis. The Marvel Version of Aquaman. Also the prince of Atlantis.

And many fans still hope that we get a payoff for this moving forward but he hasn’t been mentioned since.But he does fight along side many of the current Avengers in the comics. Like soon to the big screen, at the time, Captain America.

So a lot of subtle foreshadowing towards characters who are on the horizon for the MCU.

4. Future Movie – The Avengers Movie

So the first culmination film that capped off Phase 1 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe revealed so much about things to come. They cover so much that our next two Marvel foreshadows are going to cover things we caught during The Avengers Movie.

One being very subtle while another was very obvious.

So for our first foreshadow, we see the Avengers trusty Agent Coulson hand Tony Stark a few files. These files are named Project Pegasus and Project 42.

But what does that mean to the MCU moving forward.

Well if you are familiar with the comics this is super exciting.

11 Most Impactful Foreshadowing Moments in Marvel Movies Project Pegasus

If you are not let me catch you up. The Project 42 file is an extra dimensional prison for super villains. That was built by Tony at a location know as Project Pegasus. A super secret government lab. Which ends up being one of the main sources of conflict between heroes that caused the epic Civil War Saga.

In the comics of course.

Now we know it stemmed from Captain America and Iron Man disagreeing on Cap’s old friend The Winter Soldier and the Sokovia Accords. The act that was going to regulate the Avengers involvement in world affairs.

Even though these were not the same factors that caused the teams Civil War in the movie.

It was still an epic nod to a future movie that was coming down the line. Years before they even started writing the script.

So this is the foreshadowing we see during Marvel’s Avengers that was a little more subtle.

Lets talk about the more obvious.

5. Thanos’s & Love For Death – The Avengers Movie

The other super obvious foreshadowing that we get to experience during this movie is Thanos. The big bad villain behind all of the others. We know now that this is going to be the boss like battle the Avengers are going to have to face eventually.

11 Most Impactful Foreshadowing Moments in Marvel Movies Thanos and His Love of Death

Showing his face does make this point pretty obvious. Also because he gave Loki power over the Chitari to attack earth during this movie.

And we learn later, that he has hands in other Marvel movies as well.

So during the post credit scenes of The Avengers we hear Thanos’s herald “The Other” use an epic play on words. He says to Thanos that he is only challenging humanity to “court death”.

But why is Thanos after universal domination? And what is his infatuation with death?

Well during his run in the comics we learn that the sole reason he wants to take over the universe is to impress a girl.  And know this girl and death are the same.

Mistress Death…

She is the personification of death itself and Thanos is collecting as many souls as he can to give her as a gift.

But it is rumored at this point that Mistress Death has already made her cinematic debut during the first Deadpool Movie. And since Deadpool is part of a separate Marvel Universe along with the X-Men. We would not put money on her joining this plot.

Since this foreshadow happened years ago and a lot has changed. We are going to put our money on this actually being directed at another personification of death.


11 Most Impactful Foreshadowing Moments in the Marvel Cinematic Universe Hela Goddess of Death

The big bad villain from the new Thor Ragnarok movie. Who is the Asgardian Goddess of Death.

A match made in villain heaven! 

Could Marvel have know that Mistress Death would be in Deadpool this far in advance? Then had their backup plan Hela in place?

They have definitely been playing the long game up to this point and every line seems to be a calculated decision.

So we will have to see..

But lets move on.

6. Villains To Come – Thor The Dark World

So most of these foreshadowing events are predictions of new characters and events that we haven’t seen yet. But during Thor The Dark World we see foreshadowing of the end of times.

Well the legend of it in Norse mythology.

During the big fight scene in this movie between Malekith and Thor. We see some awesome CGI effects and explosions but hidden in this we get our first foreshadowing moment of Ragnarok. So many of us glazed right over a very important detail.

As this awesome fight scene goes on, we see portals to the other realms appear in the sky during the convergence.

11 Most Impactful Foreshadowing Moments in Marvel Movies Surter and Hela Coming Soon

The portal that we want to point out is the one that leads to Muspelheim. Which is the fiery realm and also the home to a very powerful Marvel character named Surter.

Surter is the enormous fiery demon that we see in the Ragnarok Trailer that Hulk appears to be facing off against.

Surter is not the only villain we get a little easter egg for in this movie.

One scene we see Loki sharing some brotherly love with Thor. When he says, “See you in Hel”. The Asgardian afterlife that is the reverse of Valhalla. Which could very well be him just wishing misfortune on his brother.

But now that we know who the main villain for Thor Ragnarok is. We can assume that this moment was foreshadowing the arrival of Hela. The goddess of death who is the ruler of this Asgardian afterlife.

As we have come to learn. Marvel has a planned laid out years before the movies are even rumored by fans.

Could they have been telling us that Hela and Surter are coming? or do you think it is pure coincidence?

Let us know in the comments!!

 7. Cosmic Marvel Heroes – Guardians of the Galaxy/Thor The Dark World

Marvel has started to venture out into the great beyond with movies like the Guardians and Thor. And every fan hopes that this expansion will bulk up the line up of heroes we see in the movies.

And it looks like those there are great candidates to join the ranks in the not so distant future. Since the Captain Marvel movie is set to hit theaters next year.

But what heroes did we see easter eggs for so far.

Well to start I would want to point out that even the mention of Xandar in the MCU’s Guardians movies means that we will most likely get Richard Rider transforming into the man called Nova.

Yes, the same Nova Corp that we see arrest the Guardians at the beginning of the movie. And if you did not know the Nova Corp is an intergalactic police force, similar to the Lantern Corp from DC Comics.

Hopefully Rider will become their newest recruit from earth someday soon.

11 Most Impactful Foreshadowing Moments in Marvel Movies Nova

Director James Gunn even confirmed this during a Q&A with fans. 

An even more powerful hero that is foreshadowed to arrive in the MCU. It is hinted at during the post credits scene of Thor Ragnarok. Where we see Lady Sif and the Warriors Three visit a very curious character named Taneleer Tivan aka The Collector.

They are dropping off the Aether to keep the Tesseract and the Aether separate.

But what most of us missed was the cocoon in the background of the shot. This cocoon harnesses an extremely powerful cosmic hero named Him.

Or more well known as Adam Warlock.

11 Most Impactful Foreshadowing Moments in Marvel Movies Adam Warlock Cocoon

So now we need to fast forward in time to Guardians. Where we see this same room with another group of heroes bringing an Infinity Stone to The Collector.

And we see this cocoon again in the background. But now this cocoon is busted open meaning that his metamorphosis is over and he is out in the world.

This is an awesome moment that shows us his existence in the MCU.

And hopefully this is not just an easter egg for fans to point towards him. Because he plays a huge roll in the Infinity Gauntlet run in the comics.

Side note: We get our first unexpected appearance of Howard the Duck during Guardians of the Galaxy.

11 Most Impactful Foreshadowing Moments in Marvel Movies Howard the Duck

Which is not so much of an easter egg but a nod to the past.

What other cosmic heroes do you think we will see in the MCU? Let us know in the comments or on Facebook!

8. Crossbones – Captain America The Winter Soldier Movie

This one is a much subtler nod to a future villain if you are not a huge fan of the comics.

In the opening scenes of Captain America: The Winter Soldier we meet Cap’s team member Strike Commander Brock Rumlow played by Frank Grillo. And between Brock, Cap and Natasha the team seems to be a well oiled machine of ass kicking.

Taking down a team of low level villains with synchronized ease.

As we progress through the movie we realize this Brock is one of HYDRAs many spies that has infiltrated Shield.

As we know at this point in time, things do not work out in Brock’s favor. By the time the this movie ends, he is terribly burned to the brink of death.

Though still alive.

So where is the foreshadowing in that?

Knowing that Brock is still alive foreshadows his appearance as the villain Crossbones in a later Marvel movie. If you follow the comics you know that he is a very common nemesis for our the Avengers leader Captain America.

11 Most Impactful Foreshadowing Moments in Marvel Movies Crossbones

And we know now this easter egg is paid off in the next Captain America movie Civil War. Where he is being chased down and beaten up by his old team.

9. Strange Marvel Heroes – Captain America The Winter Soldier Movie

This is personally my favorite easter egg moment to date in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Just because at the time, if this foreshadowing came to true and hit the big screen it would mean the introduction of the Multiverse.

And with the Multiverse comes different time lines and gives Marvel Studios the ability to renew old heroes after contracts end or actors get to old.

If you follow the MCU you already know that Dr. Strange got his own movie. And they only scratch the surface of different Marvel universes in it.

But how was he foreshadowed during the Winter Soldier?

Well during the scene that Captain America and Black Widow are interrogating HYDRA spy Jasper Sitwell. He explains how they are monitoring any potential threats to HYDRA. And then he starts to rattle off some familiar names like Iron Man and Bruce Banner.

Then BAM he says it…. Stephen Strange.

11 Most Impactful Foreshadowing Moments in Marvel Movies Dr Stange Easter Egg The WInter Soldier

Not the subtlest foreshadowing in the world but it was an epic moment that has lead to his own movie. Where Dr. Strange played by Benedict Cumberbatch trains with the Ancient One and wields one of the Infinity Stones.

The Eye of Agamotto.

There is a cool bonus easter egg during Jaspers interrogation that still hasn’t really panned out. But we hear him mention a TV Anchor from Cairo, Egypt. He never says his name but we can only hope that this little golden easter egg is pointing the MCU to the release of Moon Knight.

We have not heard anything about it since but Marvel has not given many hints and then forgot about them.

But a fan can only hope for now…

10. Is That Buzzing In The MCU – Ant-Man Movie

If you read the comics you already know that Hank Pym, the original Ant-Man   is married to Janet Van Dyne aka the Wasp. But during half of the movie we see no signs of her coming around because of her mysterious disappearance.

Not even her daughter knows the whole truth.

Hank constantly avoids the subject and makes up stories of the disappearance of his wife.

But we do eventually get a few awesome foreshadowing moments of the Wasp or Wasps showing up in future movies.

Hank breaks down and explains to his daughter Hope that her mother was the Wasp. Confirming her existence by explaining how she got trapped in the Quantum realm.

Or Microverse in the comics.

Then again, we see more foreshadowing of her at the end of the Ant-Man Movie when Scott Lang enters this realm. He later escapes and we see the subtlest outline of the wasp costume. Which we can presume, that along with Scott, Janet is finally able to escape at the same time.

11 Most Impactful Foreshadowing Moments in Marvel Movies Wasp in Quantum Realm

Since her daughter Hope has not taken up the mantle of Wasp yet.

Then finally during the post credits scene we see Hank finally reveal the Wasp costume to Hope. Sealing the fact that she will now be the Wasp along side Scott as Ant-Man.

11 Most Impactful Foreshadowing Moments in Marvel Movies Janet and Hope Van Dyne The Wasp

On top of all that being in the future has its perks. Because now we know that Janet has escaped because both Janet and Hope Van Dyne are confirmed for the New Marvel Movie Ant-Man and Wasp.

Will they both be Wasp or will Janet give up her hero days for good?

Let us know what you think in the comments or on Facebook!!

11. Spider-Man in the MCU – Ant-Man Movie

It is true, if you see one bug in your house, there are probably 2 or 3 more hiding in the walls. Same for Marvel Movies. Because 1st we got Ant-Man who foreshadowed Wasp and then during a scene revealed the existence of Spider-Man in the MCU.

Which totally shocked every Marvel Cinematic fan sitting in a theater who heard this.

Because for a long time even Kevin Feige considered seeing Spidey fighting alongside Iron Man and the Hulk was a pipe dream.

To be honest this was another epic easter egg that was not super subtle but was kept somewhat vague. In the post credits scene of Ant-Man we see Sam Wilson aka Falcon trying to track down “A guy who gets small”.

11 Most Impactful Foreshadowing Moments in Marvel Movies Ant-Man Fights Falcon

Meaning Ant-Man of course. Who he fought earlier in the movie.

His contact knows nothing of Ant-man divulges that she does know of a guy who “can jump, swing and crawl up walls”.

Still at this point it was not a certainty that this meant Peter Parker was going to join the MCU.

Like I mentioned, it was kept very vague for a reason. According to a press release from Kevin Feige the deal to bring Spidey to the MCU was not even set in stone at that point.

Being in the future we know this foreshadowing was a shot in the dark. Dropped in at the chance to bring one of Marvel’s most popular hero to the main story line.

11 Most Impactful Foreshadowing Moments in Marvel Movies Spider-Man Holding Captain Americas Sheild

We know now it was totally worth it and this easter egg has been satisfied now that Peter has been apart of Team Iron Man in Civil War and in his own homecoming.

Thank you Marvel Executives and Sony for making fans dreams come true.

What other heroes owned by other studios do you want Marvel to try and get back together with the group? The X-Men? Fantastic Four?

Let us know in the Comments or on Facebook!!

Bonus – Marvel TV Show Foreshadows Ultron

So again Marvel is stretching what fans and other studios believed was possible. Letting them expand their universe even further when decisions and conversations in the movies start to affect their TV Series.

and vis versa.

Obviously Captain America the First Avenger kicks off Mavel’s Agent Carter TV Series.

While Agents of Shield is directly affected by the events in The Winter Soldier movie.

And finally we hear the different members of The Defenders talk about the events of the Avengers fight with Loki and the Chitari in New York.

Where the Defenders live.

But we are talking foreshadowing here. So around the end of Season 1 of Agents of Shield we see Avengers Star Maria Hill have a discussion with Melinda May.

11 Most Impactful Foreshadowing Moments in Marvel Movies Maria Hill and Melinda May

This discussion is about Maria’s new employer Tony Stark and his plan to privatize global security. And that gets the brain turning around how Tony does this in the comics.

Well he develops an artificial intelligence that goes by the name of Ultron.

And in the opening scenes of Avengers Age of Ultron we even hear Tony quote Maria Hill. Saying he is going to Privatize Global Security! I knew that sounded familiar.

So thank you Maria Hill for giving us that little easter egg and pointing us to the big bad Ultron who would soon torture our heroes in the next Avengers Movie.

Well thats it…

These are what I would consider the most impactful foreshadowing moments in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and how they happened.

But make sure to tell us what easter egg you think is the most impactful? And how they might pay off some of the other easter eggs we have seen?

Let us know in the comments section below or join us on Facebook!!

And as always have a Super Day!!