11 Upcoming DC Extended Universe Movies To Be Excited About

11 Upcoming DC Extended Universe Movies

Justice League is in theaters and is receiving uneasy reviews from critics. And we all know that the DC Extended Universe has been struggling to find its footing to match that of the rival Marvel Cinematic Universe.

But despite a few mishaps along the way they show no sign of slowing down in the near future.

And I know as a fan I am glad they are not.

Warner Brothers and DC Comics have a full line up of movies set to start production. That could possible dig them out of the hole they seem to be in with critics and fans alike.

And hopefully one of these will be the turning point they have been looking for moving forward.

So we wanted to take a look at what movies DC Fans have to look forward to..

DC Extended Universe Upcoming Movies

1. Aquaman Movie

Aquaman has been the bud of jokes throughout the entire super hero community for years. But is taking a turn moving forward. With Director James Wan trying to change the mold.

Saying, “that the perception most people have of Aquaman, and how it will be fun to subvert their expectations.”

And hopefully taking the King of Atlantis to his rightful place along side other DC power houses like Batman and Superman.

DC Extended Universe Aquaman Movie Poster with Jason Momoa as Arthur Curry

Of course casting the already super popular Jason Momoa as Arthur Curry did not hurt. As he was one of the highlights of the Justice League movie. Showing off his tattoos, long surfer hair and hysterical banter with Batman. 

That made him the new “cool guy” in the league.

This movie is set to pit Momoa’s Aquaman against some of his iconic comic books foes. Like his half brother Ocean Master and arch nemesis Black Manta.

But there is no guarantee that this stand alone movie about the hero who can talk to fish will make a splash.

2. Shazam Movie

The Shazam Movie has been in the works for years. But seeing as the Shazam character is a DC fan favorite and an ultra powerful hero who rivals characters like Superman.

They are pushing it to the front of the production line. And there were moments where it looked like this movie might be put on the back burner for good.

This movie has been tied to mega star Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson for a while now. But as soon as it gets green lit for production. DC revealed that he will no longer play the villainess Black Adam during the Shazam movie. 

But will get his own stand alone film.

DC Comics Upcoming Shazam Movie What we know about Shazam Zachary Levi

Now this movie rests on the shoulders of Zachary Levi and Asher Angel to bring this character to life. With the help of Annabelle Creation director David Sandberg.

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3. Wonder Woman 2

The first Wonder Woman movie took theaters by storm and she has taken the lead in the new Justice League Movie. So no wonder the sequel to this hit stand alone movie has also been pushed to the front of the production line for the DC Extended Universe.

Director Patty Jenkins will return to steer this movie again.

Jenkins along with the Expendables Dave Callaghan and DC Head Geoff Johns are teaming up to write the story for this sequel. And she rumored that she wants take Diana to America during the 80’s in the movie.

Far removed from a world at war like we saw in the prior movie.

DC Extended Universe Wonder Woman 2 Movie with Gal Gadot as Diana Prince

And now that the movie has finally separated itself from producer Brett Ratner. Gal Gadot has confirmed she is a go for this film.

But what has Diana learned about the world of men since we last saw her.

4. Green Lantern Corp

Green Lantern has what some might call a rough past in Hollywood. So no wonder DC has shied away from the Green Lantern since its 2011 debut on the big screen.

When even Ryan Reynolds could not save it.  

But the DC Extended Universe is going to take another chance on the intergalactic hero 9 years after its prior failure. Trying to revive the franchise with the rumored help of Mad Max: Fury Road Director George Miller.

This movie has been announced back in July of 2015 with a schedule debut of 2020.

This movie has been reported to draw most of its inspiration from a comic book origin story. But so far there is no solidified plot for this new film.

DC Extended Universe Green Lantern Corp Hal Jordan and John Stewart

What we do know, is that this Green Lantern movie will focus on the two most popular Lanterns.

Hal Jordan and John Stewart.

Bringing Stewart into this film will help it suceed. Since he is a DC Comic fan favorite and also help differentiate this new Green Lantern movie from its past failures.

5. Flashpoint

If you are unfamiliar with Flashpoint it is a famous 2011 comic book story line that has recently been recreated on the CW’s Flash TV show. You need to know that Flashpoint focuses on Barry Allen’s grief over his dead mother and his father going to jail for a crime he didn’t committ.

Depending on how accurate this movie will be to the Flashpoint comic book source material. We will see Barry Allen aka the Flash, who will be played by Ezra Miller in this adaptation, decide to break a universal law and travel through time to change these events.

DC Extended Universe Flashpoint Movie with Ezra Miller as Barry Allen

So far this movie has been through 3 script overhauls and still has director locked down. With only rumors to go on at this point, Sam Raimi or Robert Zemeckis might get the chance to take it on.

If this movie takes its central themes from the comic books. This movie could have serious implications on the rest of the DC Extended Universe moving forward.

But with Ezra Miller and The Flash character being a fan favorite right now.

DC is trying to tap into a speed force of there own and ride this wave of hype into theaters as soon as they can.

6. Cyborg

Cyborg’s stand alone movie is a little ways off but fans of the robotic super hero will be happy to know that he is continue to make his presence known even after the Justice League movie.  As he will continue his team work in the Flashpoint movie.

Little is know about the stand alone Cyborg movie at this point. But we know if it was up to star Ray Fisher he would like to see his character face off against the Phantom Limbs.

DC Extended Universe Cyborg Movie with Ray Fisher as Victor Stone

Rumors have put villains like the OMACs, Ron Evers and A.M.A.Z.O in Cyborgs path. But for all we know this movie could form into a journey of self discover for Victor Stone.

So as more is released we will continue to update the list.

7.  The Batman

Batman has been the go to for DC Comics films for a long time. But as much as they would like to continue to ride there prize pony into another blockbuster appearance. The movie has been riddled with issues from the start.

From the unusual number of script rewrites, to Ben Affleck stepping down from directing.

And as we have learned now, he is looking to do more than step down from the directors chair. He is looking to escape the role as the Caped Crusader all together.

For now he still is committed to his role but this has been a back and forth issue for some time now.

Replacing him as the director will be War for the Planet of the Apes director Matt Reeves. Who already has a candidate in mind to replace Affleck in Jake Gyllenhaal.

If needed.

DC Extended Universe The Batman Movie Jake Gylenhaal

Whether or not Batffleck continues his role, we do know that this movie will concentrate on the DC Extended Universe’s newest villain in Joe Manganiello’s Deathstroke.

Who made a surprise cameo in the post credit scenes of Justice League.

8. Dark Universe

The Dark Universe is also know in the comics as Justice League Dark. Where this movie will focus on the more mystical side of the DC Extended Universe. And features more mystical DC Characters we have yet to see on the big screen.

Characters like John Constantine, Deadman, Zatanna Zetara, Etrigan the Demon and Swamp Thing.

DC Extended Universe Dark Universe Movie with John Constantine, Zetanna, Etigan the Demon and Swamp Thing

This film has yet to get any traction since it has no director and has not cast any of its lead roles. Which could stem from its script currently being rewritten like many of its other DC counterparts.

But the DC Extended Universe is keen to get this movie underway and try to ride the waves of success from other mystical super hero movies from other studios. 

Like that of Marvel’s Doctor Strange movie.

9. Gotham City Sirens

Suicide Squad star Margot Robbie was set to team up with Director David Ayers before they get back together for Suicide Squad 2. But now they teaming up with an all female cast of villains and anti-heroes.

No specific characters have been selected beyond Robbie as Harley Quinn. But the ever popular Catwoman and Poison Ivy seem like the perfect place to start this team.

With the popular Wonder Woman movie getting a sequel and a movie like Gotham City Sirens on the calendar. DC has a chance to take the upper hand from their counter part Marvel when it comes to female lead superhero movies.

DC Extended Universe Gotham City Sirens with Harley Quinn, Catwoman and Poison Ivy

Even more so if they can squeeze these movies in before the upcoming Captain Marvel movie on Marvel’s schedule. Which could be huge for this studio who has been playing catch up from the beginning.

As long as the movies do not fall short.

10. Justice League 2

With the studio’s reaction to the inaugural Justice League movie still up in the air. We still need to believe that this franchise will be the cornerstone to the master plan DC and Warner Brothers are cooking up.

Just how the Avengers have become the cash cow for Marvel Studios.

DC Extended Universe Justice League 2

DC would like to have the Justice League evolve into a similar franchise.

For now the release date has been pushed back to an unspecified date to make room for other stand alone projects. Which will hopefully introduce more characters to DC’s line up and other story lines into the greater DC Extended Universe.

Hopefully drawing in a wider audience.

11. Suicide Squad 2

The original Suicide Squad movie has been cut down by critics. But a sequel is moving forward and is currently in development. Since the original was still able to make a boat load of money for DC and Warner Brothers.

On top of the cash it made, Suicide Squad has introduced us to some beloved characters into the DC Extended Universe. Like Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn, Will Smith as Deadshot and Jared Leto as the infamous Joker.

DC Extended Universe Suicide Squad 2 Movie

And rumors have stated that this movie will give us our first look at Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson as long awaited Shazam villain Black Adam.

DC is going with Accountants director Gavin O’Conner to sit in the directors chair for this one. He is currently working with Tarzan writer Adam Cozad to rewrite the script.

With the people behind the scenes starting to fall into place and Warner Brothers wanting to fast track this movie.

We could see production start as soon as the actors schedules clear up and they finish their other projects.

General DC

Additional DC Extended Universe Movies

These are the movies that are years away from starting productions. So it makes its hard to give any type of specifications to plot, characters or news. So we wanted to group them together.

Because they are on DC’s bench for the future so we should be just as excited.

These movies are…

Man of Steel 2

The Joker Origin Story

Nightwing Movie

Batgirl Movie

Lobo Movie

Deadshot Movie

Black Adam Movie

Joker and Harley Quinn Movie

Well DC Fans you have a lot to look forward to in the DC Extended Universe. From epic stand alone movies to more team ups.

But tell us what movies you are most excited about in the comments or on Facebook!!

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