19 Justice League Movie Easter Eggs, References and Missed Details

19 Justice League Easter Eggs and References

With Justice League movie in the theaters for a while now I think it is safe to talk about it in hopes that nothing will get spoiled for you. And even though critics have been a little rough on this movie so far it seems to have a decent view from the general public.

Mostly thanks to the epic characters that DC has to offer and the chemistry they showed on screen together.

The biggest complaint that I personally have with this movie is more of a complaint for the Warner Brothers executives. They forced this movie to be under 2 hours so it could be played more in theaters.

Which makes the plot feels very rushed at points and can seem like time jumps way into the future very abruptly. 

On top of that the villain is very blah too. And I think this stems back to the story being rushed because they had no time to really explain his back story. They tell us he is bad and then wants to destroy the world…

Then nothing more about him.

But all in all it was fun and the movie was filled with tons of awesome Justice League Movie easter eggs.

So we wanted to finally take a lot deeper into it.

Lets take a look.

Justice League Movie Easter Eggs Movie Poster

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#1 Tim Burtons Batman

They do not make us wait very long for the first easter egg. As the movies Opening Roof top fight scene with Batman is a nod back to 1989 Tim Burton Batman film.

From the ominous silhouette of batman’s cap to him dangling the bad guy over the edge of the building. 

As a side note during this scene we do also hear the original Danny Elfman Batman score repurposed for this modern Batman.

#2 Batman Villain Black Mask

During this same scene we get our first glimpse of one of Steppenwolfs minions who joins the fight. Ultimately this was the caped crusaders plan all along.

To draw out one of the Parademons causing havoc in Gotham.

If you are familiar with the New 52 comics you know that the Parademons are a horde of minions who serve Darkseid and are made up of the prior civilizations he has destroyed.

But the possible foreshadowing in the moment is when we see Batman jump up and grab him. They start to fly across the screen.

And in the background we see a large neon sign with the name Janus on it.

This is a reference to the Janus Cosmetic corporation.

Justice League Movie Easter Egg Black Mask

This fictional corporation that is owned by another Batman villain from the comics, the Black Mask. Who makes a few appearances in the Batman Arkham Games and is rumored to make his big screen debut in the DC Gotham City Sirens movie.

#3 Superman Color Change

Additionally during the open sequence of the movie we see shots of historical monuments such as Notradam in Paris and the Tower Bridge in London.

These landmarks around the world are sporting banners after his death. With a subtle change, the Superman logo has a black background with a silver logo.

Justice League Movie Superman Ressurection Black and Silver

These colors are the same colors as Superman’s casket in Dawn of Justice movie. Also, it is also the same colors we see Superman wear during the Return of Superman comics series foreshadowing his resurrection later in the film.

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#4 Wonder Woman’s Mythology

The first glimpse we get of Wonder Woman jumps right into a direct reference to her mythological origins. As she is first seen standing on top of the statue Old Bailey. Which is a statue of the old god Themis.

Also know as Justitia in Roman Mythology aka Lady Justice.

Which is also an amazing metaphor for Wonder Woman in the movie. As the single female member of the Justice League to this point. And how she can become a beacon to the rest of her team and the world for justice.

Just like Superman was before her.

#5 Not your Father’s Aquaman

When we first see Aquaman it is in a very cold and run down town where he helps a fishing town survive the harsh winters. But his clothes during these scenes give off an orangish tint.

Which calls back directly to the suit we normally associate Arthur Curry with in the comics.

Momoa’s portrayal of Aquaman is a very unique version of the character. Very different than most peoples initial thoughts of Aquaman and during the movie he is given the cool surfer guy persona.

And a joke that we hear Bruce Wayne say, “I hear you can talk to fish?”. Clarifies that we will not see the dorky version everyone has come to refer to him as.

Justice League Movie Easter Egg Aquaman

But on top of his stylish wardrobe and surfer bro persona. We also see Jason Momoa with traditional Polynesian warrior tattoos.

Paying homage to his heritage.

General DC

#6 Alfred Remember Old Times

Bruce Wayne’s trusty butler Alfred is around during a majority of this film. Preforming his standard butler duties as well as his very own heroic tasks.

But he also drops some great Batman easter eggs along the way.

His first fun easter eggs is while Bruce and him are theorizing about information gathered during one of Batman’s missions. He says, “One misses the days when ones biggest concerns were exploding windup penguins”.

Of course this is a direct callback to one of the most recognizable Batman Villains, The Penguin. 

Also know as Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot, who is rumored to be locked away in Arkham Asylum along side many other Batman Villains.

#7. The Flash Flashpoint Movie

Our first scene with Barry Allen aka the Flash, shows us a few cool easter eggs that could possibly lead us to the events in the upcoming DC Movie Flashpoint.

This first scene shows Barry visiting his father Henry in prison for the murder of his mother. Barry believes that his father is innocent and leads him down the path to becoming a forensic investigator for the Central City Police Department.

And we see him take that first step at the end of the movie.

Justice League Movie Easter Egg Flashpoint Movie

In the CW show we see the Reverse Flash go back in time and kill Barry’s mother. But in the comics version of Flashpoint we see Professor Zoom who takes his mothers life.

So we will have to see how loyal the movies will stick to the source material or if another speedster may have there hands involved.

#8. Cyborg’s Creator

Doctor Silas Stone in Star Labs has no shortage of his own easter eggs. As we got his first back in Batman Vs Superman when Bruce is looking through Lex Luthor’s secret meta human files.

While we see glimpse’s of all our heroes including Aquaman, Wonder Woman and the Flash.

We see he is in possession of one of what we now know is one of the Mother Boxes.

Also a much subtler easter egg is dropped during his scene at Star Labs. We see him speak to a janitor with the last name of Jenson. Who could possibly be Raymond Jenson from the comics.

Who later becomes the Super Villain Parasite in the comics.

#9 Ancient Green Lantern

During the ancient battle with Steppenwolf we see quiet a few cameos that got everyone in theaters mind racing. Including a shot of a 5 thousand year old Green Lantern Corp member who bashes numerous Parademons out of the sky with a giant energy hammer.

Sadly, is later killed by Steppenwolf and we see his power ring shot off into space.

This is obviously not the Hal Jordan or John Stewart Green Lantern that most people are familiar with. But it was noticed that this Lantern was uncharacteristically wearing a cape.

Which leads us to believe that this is a nod to Allen Scott. The original Green Lantern who did wear a cape during his run.

More importantly, the appearance of this unnamed Green Lantern is to set up events of the upcoming DC Movie Green Lantern Corp.

Justice League Movie Easter Egg Green Lantern Corp

Where we will get to see a more in-depth look at the Corp and its various members.

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#10 Old Gods Fight Againts Steppenwolf

During this same ancient fight scene with Steppenwolf we see a few other cameos of other DC Characters.

Including the villain from the Wonder Woman movie Ares who at this time was fighting along side the Amazons.

But also we get to see the Archer God Artemis taking down space ships with her bow and arrow. And then Zeus firing bolts of lightning at Steppenwolf to finally drive him back to his ship.

With a little help from the Parademons.

#11. Gorilla Grodd

In the first meeting between Barry and Bruce we see the hideout where Barry is living. And it is full of cool nods to other shows like Rick and Morty.

But the Easter Egg that caught most comic fans eye was when Barry says he is fluent in Gorilla sign language.

This of course points us to the iconic Flash villain Gorilla Grodd. Who we see Barry take on many times through his run in the comics. Along with his many appearances in the CW’s Flash and DC Legends of Tomorrow TV Show.

Justice League Movie Easter Egg Gorilla Grodd

DC easter eggs like this make you wonder where and when will Grodd make his appearance on the big screen.

Because who doesn’t want to see Barry face off against a giant evil telepathic gorilla.

#12. Darkseid is Coming

Being one of the most powerful villains in the entire DC Universe you would think that this super powerful cosmic entity would be mentioned more by his family member Steppenwolf during this film.

Justice League Movie Easter Egg Darkseid

But no, he is only mentioned once throughout the entire movie.

During a scene where Steppenwolf is divulging his plan he says, “I take this place among the new gods and cleanse this world for the unity with Darkseid.”

Darkseid appears to be to the DC Universe what Thanos is to the Marvel Cinematic Universe at this point. A hidden villain who is behind the events of other movies until he is finally revealed in what we hope is an epic culmination film.

But DC might have already given us a glimpse into the future and what the Justice League is going to have to face down the road. During Batman’s nightmare vision in Dawn of Justice we see an enormous Omega symbol in the ground, which is most commonly associated with Darkseid.

Do you think Darkseid was behind Steppenwolf’s Plan or was he going behind his back?

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#13 DC Character Spectre

During a scene with good old Commissioner Gordon, we see him talk with a fellow law enforcement member Crispus Allen. They talk about about the Parademon sitings around Gotham.

Crispus is straight off the pages of a DC Comics. A cop who is ends up getting killed by a dirty cop in Gotham.

He later becomes the third host for the super natural being know as Spectre. This version of the character is heavily involved in a Green Lantern story line that involves the appearance of the Black Lantern Rings.

Justice League Movie Easter Egg Spectre

With the Green Lantern Corp around the door, who is to say we will not see some of the other ring colors too.

#14 Justice League Meets Commissioner Gordon

When Commissioner Gorden is meeting the members of the Justice League for the first time. We see hidden in the distance, Ace Chemicals.

This is the same Ace Chemicals that famously caused the Joker to go mad and discolor his skin.

The vats of chemicals that we see Harley Quinn and The Joker jump into in Suicide Squad that sparked their psychotic love story.

Justice League Movie Batman standing on Grim Reaper

As an additional easter egg in the scene we see Batman standing on top of a grim reaper gargoyle statue on top of Gotham Police Departments building. Which is directly referencing a very famous Batman Comic # 682.

#15 Batman Past Team Ups

During this same scene we hear Commission Gordon tell Batman how it is good to see him playing well with others again. Which is calling back to the many teams that Batman has used during his long run and possible team ups movie forward.

Including Robin aka Jason Todd, Nightwing aka Dick Greyson and the Bat Family.

If you put together this scene with scenes from Batman Vs Superman and Suicide Squad scenes you can assume that he is talking about Robin. Because during Dawn of Justice we see Robins suit with Hahah jokes on you Batman painted on it.

Justice League Movie Batman in front of Robin Suit

Then jumping to Harley Quinn’s introduction during the Suicide Squad movie, there is a quick line that shows us that she was an accomplice to the murder of Robin.

But then Aquaman makes a joke at Batman’s suit looking like a bat, so he tells Commissioner Gordon that it might be temporary.

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#16 Superman’s Resurrection

Superman’s Resurrection was a major event during the 90’s in DC Comics where Superman was not technically dead but depleted of all of his energy.

He is placed into a restoration chamber and finally revitalized to rejoin the Justice League with some missing abilities and wearing his cool black and silver suit we spoke about earlier.

In the Justice League Movie it is implied that he does actually die. He is buried in the grave of Clark Kent and then needs to be resurrected.

But as Barry puts it, Pet Semetary style.

Once he does return he is turned into some what of a antagonist. In a moment defeating the other members the Justice League with ease. Matching the strength of Aquaman, Cyborg and Wonder Woman and then causing some pretty fearful facial expressions from The Flash when he notices Superman’s eyes following him in super speed.

But this scene does more than poke fun at how incredibly powerful Superman is compared to the other Justice League Members. It shows us some great references back to the Dawn of Justice.

Including when Superman asks Batman, “Do you bleed?”. Which is the exact question we hear Bruce ask Clark before.

And then when Bruce calls Alfred to bring in the big guns.

We find out it is Louis Lane. The only person who could stop Superman at this point. Which is a direct callback to when Barry travels back in time to tell Bruce that the key is Louis after his nightmare sequence in Batman Vs Superman.

#17 Back on the Kent Farm

Clark is standing in the field at his old childhood home. When we see Louis approaching him and he turns over his right shoulder to speak with her. Director Zach Snyder said that this shot was designed to be a homage to their first meeting in Man of Steel.

When we see Louis standing in a graveyard and Clark walking up behind her. And the she turns over her right shoulder.

Synder said that he story boarded this scene to appear this way and had this call back in mind.

Additionally, during this scene we see that Clark’s choice in a red flannel for his wardrobe. Directly references the original Richard Donner Superman Movie from 1978.

#18 Justice League Comics Call Backs

This movie does do a good job at highlighting some iconic scenes that are then pulled right off the pages of the comics onto the big screen. Even if they had to be tweaked a little. Fans still know what they are meant to do.

Spark our fandom!

But lets start my personal favorite funny scene from the movie. When Aquaman inadvertently sits on the Lasso of Truth and spills his guts about how he doesn’t want to die and how hot he thinks Wonder Woman is.

Justice League Movie Aquaman sitting on Lasso of Truth

This does happen in the comics. But it happens to one of the absent heroes, Green Lantern.

The second call back is when we see Steppenwolfs Terraforming start to take place. The sky turns an ominous red color. Which if you like DC Comics you will know is referencing the Crisis on Infinite Earths story line.

Where the first signal the Justice League gets when there is trouble is always the sky turning red.

Justice League Movie Red Sky

We also get to hear Cyborgs catch phrase, “Boo-yah”!!

Then finally going way back in the history of DC Comics, we see Batman swing into the battle and smashing some Parademons on his way. But this iconic swing is right off the cover of Detective Comics #27.

The first appearance of the amazing and unique adventures of The Batman!

General DC

#19 Justice League Hall of Justice

Finally as they get ready to close out the movie we see Diana, Alfred and Bruce entering the abandoned Wayne Manor. That is now holding some Justice League Easter Eggs.

We hear the plans moving forward are to furnish this room with a round table and 6 chairs with room for more.

Setting up the Hall of Justice, the base of operation for the Justice League. While the room for more comment points to the remaining members of the Justice League that we have not seen yet.

Justice League Movie Easter Egg Hall of Justice

Including the Green Lantern and hopefully the Martian Manhunter.

These are the Justice League Movie Easter Eggs, References and missed details that we caught during the movie. We did find a few extra’s in our Justice League post credit scenes breakdown that were pretty cool as well.

Like the race between The Flash and Superman or possible rise of the Injustice League.

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But if their are any others that we missed let us know in the comments below or join us on Facebook!

And as always have a Super Day!!


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