25 Most Powerful Marvel Cinematic Universe Super Heroes

25 Most Powerful Marvel Cinematic Universe Super Heroes

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is growing ever year with new characters and new stories. And as Marvel Studios expands this universe, we are getting to see more heroes and villains with every new movie. But who are the most powerful MCU Superheroes?

But with great power comes great responsibility. As we all know!

Also, as we know, sometimes power corrupts even the most pure of heart. Luckily in the world of comic book movies, when our heroes meet an unstoppable force they adapt and become an immovable object.

Darkness cannot exist without the light.

As the threats continue to escalate through Phase 3 into Phase 4 we will surely see more powerful characters introduced. No doubt changes will come – particularly with massive powers like the Black Order and Thanos around the corner.

Lets take a look at which Marvel Hero could carry the torch for the good guys moving forward and raise their power level to face the next threat.

Here are the top 25 most powerful MCU superheroes already introduced in the movies and TV so far…

As they appear on screen and not considering their adventures in the comics.

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Iron Man

25. Black Widow/Natasha Romanoff

Someone had to be ranked lowest on this list and unfortunately this spot goes to Black Widow. If this list was a measurement of pure combat skills, Black Widow would near the top.

She is incredibly skilled in numerous hand to hand combat techniques and mastery of different weapons. Along with access to some incredibly unique weapons.

Without a doubt she is one of the most dangerous humans on the face of planet.

This is why in every Marvel Cinematic movie, we get an incredible scene where Black Widow single handedly kicks the crap out of a small group of enemies red shirts. Simply put, when it comes to hand to hand combat and the occasional head-scissor kick takedown, Black Widow is number one.

Most Powerful MCU Superheroes Black Widow aka Natasha Romanov Played By Scarlett Johansson

But on a list like this she ranks low on the list, because at the end of the day she is still just a human being. She has no superhuman enhancements, no gamma radiation or high tech super suit.

So we do have to put her as number 25 on the list because even with all of her incredible skills, these will do her little good against the rest of the MCU’s heroes.

24. Hawkeye/Clint Barton

How could we rank Clint Barton much higher on our list when he, himself mocked his relevance as a member of the Avengers during the final fight in Age of Ultron. He does bring a high level tactical knowledge and combat skill to the table along with being very likable.

He these skills do next to nothing against a God or giant green rage monster.

Most Powerful MCU Superheroes Hawkeye aka Clint Barton Played By Jeremy Renner

The biggest question surrounding Hawkeye is where he ranks compared to Black Widow as their skills are very comparable. The only times they faced off against one another on screen, they are forced to hold back considerably.

Hawkeyes might be the greatest archer in the world. But at the end of the day, like Black Widow, is only human and has no enhancements, lacks powerful technology, and that won’t cut it against the rest of the heroes above him on this list.

23. Falcon/Sam Wilson

Black Widow, Hawkeye and Falcon are incredibly hard to rank because they all have extremely similar skill sets. Also being non enhanced human beings. But Falcon is the most improved of these heroes and why we rank him higher on the list.

Along with his weapons getting some significant upgrades since his debut in Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

Most Powerful MCU Superheroes Falcon aka Sam Wilson

Falcon’s enhanced weaponry is seen at the beginning of Captain America: Civil War. While shielded by his Falcon wings who are folded behind him. We see Sam tap a few buttons on the screen on his wrist. Then two missiles launch and take out the henchmen instantly.

This new weaponry is where we see him jump up the list compared to the other. This combined with his ability to fly and the Redwing drone that make Falcon more Iron Man like and a bit more dangerous than Hawkeye and Black Widow.

22. Ant-Man/Scott Lang

Scott Lang’s powers as Ant-Man relies heavily on his suit. But it has not stopped similar heroes like War Machine and Iron Man from holding their own during in a fight. And unlike Iron Man, Ant-Man’s suit does has the ability to become Giant Man.

Like we saw during the airport scene in Civil War.

Even when you take away the suit Scott Lang has exceptional fighting skills, resourcefulness and a genius level intellect. He was able to beat a fully trained Avenger, Falcon, in a close combat fight.

None of which are superpowers, but they are a great foundation to build on.

Most Powerful MCU Superheroes Ant Man Scott Lang

But with his super suit he has the power grow really big or growing really small. That leads him to a list of additional abilities come with the package. He punches at the speed of a bullet, changes the density of his body while also being able to telepathically communicate with ants and most importantly he can enter the Quantum realm.

To this point entering the Quantum realm has been more of a prison then a power but it could be a game changer in the long run.

21. Groot

Groot is the least human like hero on our list. But what he lacks in human appearance, he makes up with his endearing human spirit and heart of gold in one easy line.

I am Groot!

The humanoid sentient tree is a force to be reckoned with, that can be a bit deceiving with his calm demeanor. And what he might lack in his vocabulary skills he more than makes up for in strength, durability and ability to manipulate his body into any shape.

Most Powerful MCU Superheroes Groot Guardians of the Galaxy

Though he is extremely weak against some common weapons such as torches and swords.

Groot is also a magical entity in the Marvel Universe with the ability to extend his limbs to any length and has a regenerative gene that means he’s basically immortal. Similar to the regenerative abilities of Wolverine, where he can rebuild himself as long as a single cell remains.

In Groots case, as long as there is a single limb to “replant”.

SideShow General Banners20. Spider-Man/Peter Parker

Spider-Man has started the landslide of Marvel characters returning to Marvel Studios. Because of the success he has had since he was loaned to the Marvel Cinematic Universe during Civil War and Homecoming.

We will soon have a lot more characters to discuss on lists like this.

But Spidey showed up and most assumed he was one of the most powerful MCU superheroes immediately. With his superhuman strength, speed and web-slinging abilities he has more offensive and defensive weapons than every hero ranked below him on this list.

Most Powerful MCU Superheroes Spider-Man Peter Parker

But what we know about Spider-Man in the MCU so far is that he is still new to the whole superhero thing. There are glimpses of his full potential but its still a little rough around the edges. With the first sign of his spider sense coming to light in the Infinity War Trailer.

So we can assume that the there could be other powers he is yet to master.

At this point he is down on the list below characters like Captain America. But when he is at full power and gets some experience under his belt he will shoot up the list rather quickly.

19. The Winter Soldier/Bucky Barnes

Captain America and The Winter Soldier’s ranking on this list may seem rather low. But they do not have much on there side when we put them up against the other MCU heroes above them.

The Winter Soldier is a super soldier with expert level hand-to-hand combat skills, extensive weapons/explosives training, and a seemingly indestructible metal arm.

What you see is what you get with the Winter Soldier.

While his super soldier serum and awesome metal arm gives him a better ranking than characters like Hawkeye and Black Widow. Unfortunately he does not contain any mystical, technological or alien abilities to give the edge over others.

Most Powerful MCU Superheroes Bucky Barnes The Winter Soldier Sebastian Stan

Some might argue that he should rank higher than Captain America. Due to the events of Captain America: The Winter Soldier. When the majority of Bucky and Caps fights ended with the Winter Soldier seeming to get the upper hand.

But Cap eventually gets the edge when he stops holding back during their battle at the end of The Winter Soldier.

18. Captain America/Steve Rogers

The least experienced member of the Avengers to the man who has the most experience. And this man has been around the block a few times. Fighting in every significant battle seen in the MCU since he fought against Red Skull and the Nazis in WWII during the original Captain America film.

Flashy super powers are not Caps thing. He cannot conjure energy blasts or transform into a giant green rage monster. But the Super Soldier Serum he was given turned him into the greatest soldier the world has ever seen.

Most Powerful MCU Superheroes Captain America aka Steve Rogers Chris Evans

His powers make him basically invulnerable with an excellerated healing factor, super strength and speed and an indestructible shield. Some even say his most impressive power is his unwavering morale compass.

Steve waivers his moral compass in recent movies when his childhood friend Bucky is concerned.

And surely isn’t going to stop a thunderbolt from Thor or a punch from the Hulk.

17. Drax The Destroyer

Drax the Destroyer was the last member to join the Guardians Of The Galaxy in their cinematic debut. Since then he has displayed a incredible amount of physical strength, fighting skills and incredible superhuman durability.

He has easily defeated most of his opponents on screen so far, defeating numerous Sakaaran soldiers and ripping apart the mechanic drones in the Kyln Prison.

Most Powerful MCU Superheroes Drax The Destroyer Dave Batista

It wasn’t until he faced off against Ronan that we saw him face a superior opponent. Where Ronan brushed Drax the Destroyer aside with relative ease, including smashing him into metal doors so hard that he put a huge dent in them.

But Drax never gave up the fight.

He also explains how he has great reflexes and nothing goes over his head. Because He would catch it.

16. War Machine/James Rhodes

James Rhodes has no enhanced abilities and is a mere human like many others on this list. But with the help of his War Machine armor he has more than enough weaponry and power to take out everyone he outranks on our list with relative ease. Falcon’s upgraded weaponry makes his abilities similar to Colonel Rhodes.

But War Machine is encased in a protective suit of almost indestructible armor.

While the others simply wear some nifty but comparatively unimpressive military gear.

While these others would certainly be able to evade Rhodes for a bit, they do not have enough weaponry to damage his suit. Whereas War Machine would eventually blow them to bits.

Most Powerful MCU Superheroes War Machine James Rhodes

Captain America and The Winter Soldier both pose a bit of a problem as we saw in Civil War. Bucky and Steve could potentially protect themselves from War Machine’s long-range attacks. While trying to draw him into a confined area where they could limit his arsenal and engage in more of a fistfight.

In a worst case scenarios we would see War Machine blow them to bits with an extreme powerful explosive or grab them, fly them thousands of feet up and drop them to their imminent death.

15. Heimdall

As an Asgardian race, Heimdall is gifted with god like abilities. He has an extended lifespan, superhuman strength, improved reflexes, stamina, speed, agility and durability. He is not just another Asgardian soldier he is one of the most powerful Asgardian warriors.

Only the super powerful Thor, Loki and Odin can best him in one on one combat.

Most Powerful MCU Superheroes Heimdall Idris Elba Thor Ragnarok Movie

If his god like powers were not enough, he is a skilled swordsman that wields a giant enchanted sword. He is also equipped with God-like senses, which is why he was stationed as Asgard’s gatekeeper and security guard.

His powers might not have manifested in battle much on screen, but he should not be under estimated by his enemies.

He was limited because he was unable to leave his post, which makes broad applications of his powers mostly speculation. But, since the events of Thor Ragnarok have transpired, he has been removed from his post and we can now see what he can really do.

14. Karl Mordo

Even though his powers were somewhat limited in Doctor Strange movie. What Mordo does tease of his abilities during the film puts him as one of the most talented sorcerers in the multiverse.

Like similar sorcerers in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, he has the ability to manipulate reality, enter different Realms, cast strong spells and resist the mortal spells of his enemies.

He also has magical artifacts and items at his disposal. Which is not as simple as picking things up and wielding their power. These items require great power and discipline. So far we have seen the customary Sling Ring, the Staff Of The Living Tribunal and the Vaulting Boots Of Valtorr.

Most Powerful MCU Superheroes Karl Mordo Doctor Strange Movie

He shows off a hidden power at the end of Doctor Strange, where he can absorb the powers of others.

Which is a potentially major game changer.

13. Quicksilver/Pietro Maximoff

Pietro Maximoff, the twin of Wanda Maximoff aka Scarlet Witch, was granted superpowers during a series of experiments preformed by the vileness Baron Von Strucker with the help of the Infinity Stone in what was Loki’s staff at the time. While Scarlet Witch got the more destructive power that we will talk about later, but Pietro was given the power of super speed.

That allows him to move at speeds beyond human comprehension and while at this speed the world around him stands still.

With the use of his powers, he was easily able to take out characters like Captain America and Hawkeye. Along with hundreds of Ultron’s drones during the fight in Sokovia. Utilizing just the lightest of punches can be devastating at the speeds Pietro is able to move at.

Most Powerful MCU Superheroes Quicksilver Pietro Maximoff

If given more time to master his powers he would have been able to take out even more powerful opponents. Like his DC Comics counterpart, he needs time to develop all of his abilities.

If so he could have become one of the strongest Avengers on the team. His time on screen was unfortunately cut short.

12. Iron Man/Tony Stark

As my favorite hero, it pains me to put Iron Man this low on the list but there are just so many powerful MCU superheroes right now.

So 12th is where he is going to stay.

He does design, build and pay for all of the gadgets, suits and weapons that the other Avengers use during these films. But that is not a super power, but worth mentioning.

Tony Stark without his suit is a genius and is currently unrivaled in his technological engineering. That simply allows him to out think majority of his opponents.

Most Powerful MCU Superheroes Iron Man Tony Stark Robert Downey Jr

And then you add a super suit that gives him super strength, ability to fly and the vast weaponry built into the suit. Plus the ability to shot energy blasts from his hand, feet and chest.

He does rank significantly higher than his companion with similar powers. Because of his adaptability, he has a different suit for every situations. Even the Hulkbuster armor that allows him to go toe to toe with the Hulk in a straight one on one fight.

11. Black Panther/King T’Challa

Covered head to toe in a high tech suit made of the strongest material in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Vibranium. And from the looks of the Black Panther Trailer, his suit is only going to get more powerful with the help of Princess Shuri.

But Black Panther is swift, super strong and extremely dangerous.

He has appeared in a limited amount of action scenes so far but we do know he could best almost all of the Avenger in hand-to-hand combat. The Black Panther is a fierce opponent and he surely lives up to the animal he is named after.

Beyond his suit the King of Wakanda has not shown a ton of special powers so far.

Most Powerful MCU Superheroes Black Panther T'Challa Chadwick Boseman

But his physiology, ferocity and skill only make him more of a fan favorite. Even when he is not wearing his Panther suit, T’Challa is a force to be reckoned with. He has genius level intellect while also being an accomplished fighter who can go toe to toe with super soldiers like The Winter Soldier and Captain America.

From the looks of it we will see plenty of his skills and powers. In and out of his suit in his own stand alone movie.

10. Ghost Rider/Johnny Blaze

One of only two Marvel TV Heroes to make the list, Ghost Rider made his Marvel Cinematic debuted as a member of the cast of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. But he has proved that he possesses incredible supernatural powers that cannot be matched.

The Brimstone Biker’s power stems from a demon born from hell that uses his human body as it’s host.

The movie side of the Marvel Cinematic Universe can not come close to his raw power. Even mystical characters like Mordo or Doctor Strange would have trouble against the fires of literal hell.

He is a supernatural creature who, at the same time, is dead and alive. The Rider cannot be killed and his host can heal from any wound. With powers that include the standard list of superhuman abilities along with Hellfire manipulation and Sin manipulation.

Most Powerful Marvel Superheroes Ghost Rider Johnny Blaze Agents of SHIELD

There is little doubt that he could toe to toe someone like the Hulk directly and possibly come out on top. With the powers of hell at his disposal, there are not many heroes in the MCU that rival the Rider.

We can only hope Marvel gives him another shot on the silver screen.

9. Hulk/Bruce Banner

What can we say about the about the MCU Hulk that most people do not already know. His rage leads to incredible brute strength and invulnerability that makes him the ultimate blunt object.

His alter ego Bruce Banner is the stereotypical scientific genius. But after experimentation and exposure to Gamma Radiation, he is transformed into a giant green wrecking ball of muscular rage.

But he brings other powers to the table aside his brute strength. As mentioned he is entirely invulnerable even in his human form (the big green guy once spit out a bullet that Bruce tried to kill himself with).

Most Powerful MCU Superheroes Hulk Bruce Banner Mark Ruffalo

He can also adapt to any situation, such as in space, and his endurance in battle is at unrivaled levels.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has yet to tap into some of the more unusual powers the Hulk contains.we know he is a force to be reckoned with but as we saw in Thor Ragnarok he is beatable by other experienced warriors.

8. Star Lord/Peter Quill

At first glance Star Lord appears to be a standard human that, due to some unforeseen circumstances, made his way to space. But when they reveal who Peter Quill’s real father is in Guardians of The Galaxy Vol 2 it turns him into a real power house.

Even though the epicenter of Star Lords power, Ego’s planet, has been destroyed, we know that he planted his seed all over the universe. So we can assume that Quill will be able to tap into his ancestral power.

And regardless of where the power comes from, he is still a Half-Celestial which means he is still extremely powerful.

In the first Guardians of the Galaxy movie he was capable of grabbing hold of an Infinity Stone without exploding. The Light given to him by Ego in the sequel gives him an incredible amount of unknown powers. You have to suspect that between his genetics and Ego spreading his see, he will continue to be very powerful.

Most Powerful MCU Superheroes Star Lord Peter Quill Chris Pratt

Regardless, he is a wildcard in the MCU with a lot that we still do not know about his powers.

7. Black Bolt

Black Bolt is second member of the list that comes from the TV portion of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But not only is he the King of the Inhumans, he is the most powerful Inhuman to walk the Earth or Moon.

In fact, his Inhuman gift is so destructively powerful, that he never speaks.

For the safety of those around him and the fear of what catastrophe he could cause. A simple whisper can obliterate a car in the street. While the slightest words could vaporize a person standing to close to him.

Alos he has super strength, ability to manipulate matter and shoot electron energy blasts. And his most recognized power, the Quasi-Sonic Scream, equates to the power of a Megaton nuclear warhead that could crack the planet in half.

Most Powerful MCU Superheroes Black Bolt Inhumans TV Show

While we only see the tip of the iceberg on the television series. It is safe to say, if he releases his full power he could take down many member of this list with relative ease.

6. Thor

He is the star of the one of the worst and one of the best MCU movies to date. But being the God of Thunder does hold a lot of weight in the MCU. Asgardians are not exactly immortal deities like their Greek and Roman counterparts.

But his power is still incredibly impressive.

As an Asgardian he is a skilled warrior who fought in many battles over his extended lifespan. He also inherits the standard strength, speed and durability his race is bestowed with. Along with his ability to command the destructive elements of the weather such as thunder, lightning and also wind.

He was even powerful enough to resist strikes from an Infinity Stone in the form of the Aether.

Most Powerful MCU Superheroes Thor Odinson Chris Hemsworth

Throughout most of his adventures with the Avengers in the MCU he has wielded his war hammer Mjolnir. That helped him manipulate the environment and direct lightning bolts. But he has now lost his hammer, thanks to Hela in Thor Ragnarok. But he has now acquired the Odin force which has unlocked a whole new level of powers that he is able to tap into.

Raising his powers far above what they were when he wielded Mjolnir.

General Marvel

5. Doctor Strange

He might be a stuck up whiney surgeon for most of his stand alone movie, but Doctor Strange is definitely still one of the most powerful beings in the Marvel Cinematic multiverse. Even with the small amount of time he spent training, he is able command powerful spells that should be reserved only for the most powerful sorcerers.

He is naturally gifted in the mystic arts, gaining the ability to deflect spells, astrally project and fight off much more experienced magical enemies extremely quick.

And then there is the Eye Of Agamotto, an actual Infinity Stone that gives him power of time itself, which basically means he is capable of manipulating existence itself. That is arguably the most powerful magical skill of all since it allows the user to defy even death itself.

Like other magical beings on this list, he also relies on ancient magical relics. Such as his trusty Sling Ring and the Cloak Of Levitation, which recognized his power immediately and granted him the power to wear it.

Most Powerful MCU Superhero Doctor Strange Benedict Cumberbatch

Even with all the power we saw him acquire in his time between his stand alone movie and Thor Ragnarok. He is no where near his final form yet.

4. The Vision

The Vision has been an awkward and hysterical member of the Avengers in all his big screen appearances. Rarely showing off the limits of his somewhat unlimited power. But as he is the embodiment of an Infinity Stone fused with a Vibranium body.

So he deserves to be near the top of this list.

When you think about The Visions creation, you realize the vastness of his power. He is the culmination of the Mind Stone, Vibranium and Thor’s magical power.

Vision draws his powers from all of the sources that made him.

Components from Thor’s power allow him to fly, use super strength and even wield the mystical war hammer Mjolnir. Being Tony Stark’s AI system has given him genius level intellect and adaptability. His Vibranium body gives him near invulnerability.

Plus, he contains all the powers of the Mind Stone.

We’ve seen him blast energy beams from his forehead, phase through solid matter, fly, change his image and he wields the Mind Stone. So he can presumably also take over other people’s minds.

Most Powerful MCU Superhero Vision Avenger

An interesting concept would be that he can give non-enhanced individuals superpowers like the Mind Stone did to Pietro and Wanda Maximoff.

Or could it work in the reverse and take the powers away from an enhanced individual? That type of power could take him to a whole new level.

3. Scarlet Witch/Wanda Maximoff

Wanda Maximoff is arguably the most unpredictable character in the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe. As she has over powered many formidable characters while being hugely wounded by the death of her brother.

Seeing as she is incredibly powerful we are glad to see she has joined the Avengers. Like her brother Pietro, Wanda was also given her powers by Baron Von Strucker and the Mind Stone.

Which embodied her with telekinetic, psionic and telepathic powers.

She can levitate, create durable energy force fields and shot psionic energy blasts. And at the peak of her powers, she has shown the ability to create false realities using her enemies’ fears against them.

Most Powerful MCU Superheroes Scarlett Witch aka Wanda Maximoff Avenger

Scarlet Witch has been some what of a problematic figure in the MCU, causing lasting terrors among many of her now fellow teammates. But with the power she has shown us so far it is safe to say she will be a deadly weapon along side the Vision in the war against Thanos and the Black Order in Infinity War.

2. The Ancient One

The Ancient One from the Doctor Strange movie was also known as the Sorcerer Supreme up to the time of her death. The title, Sorcerer Supreme should not be taken lightly as it is given to the most powerful sorcerer on earth.

She has lived a near immortal existence perfecting her craft. Until Kaecilius was able to slays her due to some unfortunate circumstances.

She contains all of the same powers that Mordo and Strange do. But her willingness to tap into forbidden dark magic puts her on another power level entirely.

Most Powerful MCU Superheroes The Ancient One Doctor Strange Movie

She has mastered time, she can travel between dimensions, teleport, astrally project and conjure powerful spells. No wonder every potential supernatural threat in the multiverse avoided the planet until her death.

That alone speaks to her power if nothing else.

1. Odin

It’s pretty hard to explain how powerful the All Father really is as he rarely showed off his powers on screen.  But a nickname like All Father can alone elude to his immense power.

He was the Greatest Warrior in the Nine Kingdoms, was worshipped as a God on Earth while also being the King of Asgard. On top of his strength, he is also able to strip the power of other heroes as he did to Thor.

He obviously has all the same powers as the other Asgardian on this list. But until his death in Thor Ragnarok he wielded one the most powerful weapons in the multiverse, the mysterious Odinforce. And yes Thor does have this power now but Odin ranks much higher on this list because of his experience and time to master it.

And of course he wields the formidable mystical spear Gungnir.

Most Powerful MCU Superheroes Odin All Father Sir Anthony Hopkins

The only weakness that we can spot in the somewhat impervious power of the All Father is his love for his sons. In The Dark World, Loki is able to defeat the all father either through trickery or Odin holding back.

So in the end there is a slight chink in his armor. But I would still put my money on him against the others on this list.

But enough of what we think, we want to know who you think is the most powerful Marvel Cinematic Universe Hero.

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