The 2nd Punisher Trailer Breakdown: Marvel Comics Newest Addition To Netflix Universe

The 2nd Punisher Trailer Breakdown

Since Jon Bernthal was such an amazing addition in the DareDevil series on Netflix as Frank Castle. They decided we should give him his own independent Punisher Netflix Series to explain more of his back story in this universe.

For reason we do not have to get into the show release was pushed off for a bit.

But this trailer finally gives us a release date of November 17th with a schedule of 13 episodes full of bullets and blood. Rather than the cryptic messages we have seen in the previous Punisher Trailer.

But isn’t that the same day that Justice League hits theaters? Well yes but I doubt that the release of a Netflix streaming show with dampen a major movie release.

So lets take a closer look at the 2nd Punisher Trailer and see if we caught anything you missed.

Marvel Comics Punisher Trailer 2 Breakdown

The Punisher War Story

The opening of this trailer is designed to tease us with bits and pieces of The Punishers back story and time with the military.

So the trailer does kicks off with a bang. Well a lot of bangs because Frank Castle is in the middle of war like setting. Showing us scenes of the platoon he was a part of during his time in black ops.

These opening scenes do lead me to believe that this is going to be the mission that leads all kinds of trouble Franks way when he returns home.

A quick glimpse of an image of a photo of Frank’s family.

The Punisher Netflix Trailer Breakdown Frank Castles Family

Then you start to hear audio and some visuals of the shady CIA Agent Rawlins, played by Paul Shulze. Telling Frank and his platoon that he is the only authority they need and stating, “I point, you shoot!”.

Followed up with tons of rounds of ammunition being unloaded by Frank and his team. They are fighting someone who has yet to be seen.

As we know nothing of their target at this point in the trailer its hard to jump to conclusions.

But they return to their base of operations and do not look happy about completing the mission. They either were not given the full detail of this mission or were forced by Rawlins to do something they deemed unethical.

Castle is so unhappy when we hear Rawlins ask if they killed the target. He jumps up and slams Rawlins in the face with a right hook.

Jon Bernthal as The Punisher Punches Rawlins Trailer 2

If you slow it down just before this image. It appears that Frank hit him so hard that his right eye gets ripped out.

Nasty… I know….

What do you think Frank and his team were order to do by Rawlins? Let us know in the comments.

The Punisher Playing A Civilian

So trailer takes a turn here and places the soon to be Punisher back into civilian life. He appears to be helping cleanup some sort of meeting that is held in the basement of a church. Talking with one of the other main characters of this series Curtis Hoyle played by Jason R Moore.

This looks like it could be the end of a meeting that tries to help veterans who suffer from PTSD.

Like Frank Castle.

Curtis is trying to explain to him that he was following orders. Doing what he was “supposed” to do. But his best line is a perfect statement to say to future Punisher, “the only person you are punishing is yourself.”

All of this happens while you start to hear Metalica’s One playing. It does start at a different part of the song then we hear in the last Punisher trailer.

Marvels The Punisher Trailer 2 Breakdown Metallica One

This song is about a soldier who was trapped inside his own mind after being badly injured during WWI. He was in so much pain after this happening that he wished for death to make the pain go away.


Imprisoning me

All that I see

Absolute horror

I cannot live

I cannot die

Trapped in myself

Body my holding cell

These are all parallels to the struggles that Frank goes through after his time at war. He suffers less physical injuries but more on the mental side of things.

He feels trapped in his mind thinking that his actions killed his family.

But lets move onto the mysterious phone call that he receives.

The Punisher’s Man In The Chair

Who is the shady looking character that calls Frank stalking around a rooftop. Hiding himself from someone or something while wearing glasses and a hoodie.

Marvel Comics Punisher Trailer 2 Breakdown Micro

Well its The Punishers man in the chair Micro. Micro aka David Leiberman is played by Ebon Moss-Bachrach. Who is a hacktavist of sorts that seeks out Castle to show him footage of something we have come to know as the Zubiar Interrogation.

He presumably teams up with Frank to provide him with intel and guidance from the digital world. While The Punisher goes out on his missions.

Not sure how Micro connects to this Interrogation yet. Whether he had family of his own affected or was just going full hacker and stumbled upon some disturbing information.

I guess we will have to wait and see for now…

Also, I am not sure that Micro is going to agree with all of the tactical decisions that Frank makes on there missions together. As later in this trailer we see him take a swing at Frank.

Proclaiming that Frank has a war in him.

Does not appear to be nearly as affective as the punch Frank hit Rawlins with earlier…

How and why do you think Micro reached out to Frank with this information? Let us know in the comments section.

Tracking Down The Punisher

In the next few sequences we see two different groups attempting to track down Frank as the Punisher. For two very different reasons.

The first group is lead by Department of Homeland Security Agent Dinah Madani played by Amber Rose Revah. She outright says in the first line she has in this trailer, “I’m looking for Frank Castle”.

While her associate calls him out as the Punisher.

The Punisher TV Series Trailer Breakdown Dinah Madani

She appears to be digging up information about the mission that Frank was part of while he was in the military. If you take a deeper look at the cork board she has put together. You see what the Zubair Interrogation are referring too.

It refers to Ahmad Zubair who’s image is on the board.

Also we see a map of Afghanistan, which is where Frank was stationed. Along with “Assasination Program” in much bigger letters then the rest of the board.

If your deduction skills are working this next part should be pretty easy for you.


Rawlins is running an “Assassination Program” that Frank was forced to be a part of in Afghanistan and Ahmed Zubair was a victim. Only speculation at this point but their have been quiet a few signs.

But lets look at the other person looking for The Punisher in this sequence. The Evil CIA Agent Rawlins. He tells his team that Frank is the last witness they need to silence.

Also expressing how important it is to take him down or he will take them down.

He is explaining all of this while we see a group of fully geared military men running through the woods. Presumably going after Frank.

But who is really tracking who? Look out behind you!

Then we jump too…

A shot of what looks like a woman beaten and tied to a carousel through the scope of a sniper rifle. This, together with a memory Frank is having about his own family at a carousel can be very deceiving.

What we think is happening at this point is that someone is using this to play with Franks mind while they track him down.

Could this just be an elaborate trap setup by Rawlins and his group of thugs.

The Punisher Trailer 2 Breakdown Jigsaw Billy Russo

Or could it be the work of a third person trying to track down Frank. Maybe its Billy Russo, also know as Jigsaw and just like Jigsaw in the Saw Movies he is know for his brutality.

Who will end up catching up to The Punisher First?

The Punisher Saving Someone

So this sections shuffles through a few clips of Frank and Micro arguing. Followed by the failed right hook I spoke about earlier.

But then we hear the dark brooding voice of Bernthals Punisher telling someone to stay out of his way. While we get to see some more awesome shots of the car chase from the prior trailer.

And we finally get to see who is behind the wheel. We see that Dinah is driving the pursuit vehicle in the chase.

Ending in with a moving truck slamming into her and destroying the car she was driving. Soon after we see her being carried all bloody and bruised by Frank to safety.

But who was driving the truck that hit Dinah? and why was Frank saving her?Was he telling her to stay out of her way?

They do make it appear that Frank was the one who hit her when you hear him say, “Stay out of my way”.

But we think that our dedicated agent was getting entirely to close to Rawlins. So he is using this as a way to either send a message to her or eliminate her all together. As we know he is trying to do the same thing to Frank.

Who do you think drove that truck in Dinah? Let us know in the comments below!

Jon Bernthal in The Punisher 2nd Netflix Trailer Breakdown

Full Punisher Mode

We finally get to see Jon Bernthal all Punishered out with his signature symbol.

While we see him explaining to our DareDevil connection Karen Page what he needs to do. But she asks him a very reasonable question that hits home for most Punisher Comic fans.

The Punisher TV Series 2nd Trailer Breakdown Frank and Karen

“Where does it end Frank?”

If you are a comic fan you know the history.  Frank has gotten revenge for his family a long time ago. It was his first mission as a vigilante. But now he has evolved into the Punisher who wants to bring his own form of justice to anyone who deserves it.

In the comics he really is The Punisher and Frank Castle becomes his alter ego who masks who he really is.

But in full Punisher style we see gun fights, explosions and fists being thrown around. Along with a little easter egg pointing us to Jigsaw.

When Frank is breaking into the one building, the one security guards has a hat and jacket that reads ANVIL Corp. This is the corporation that Billy Russo works for now and is most likely the tie between them and Rawlins.

But sprinkled in onto is the true theme behind this series.


The Punisher Trailer Breakdown The Truth Must Taken

And Frank is going to try and take it.

So now we see  Frank and Micro teamed up for this mutual goal.

Their goal is to show the evil and the horrors that these companions and people are committing. Frank tells Karen at this point “These men decide what the truth is”.

Which we can assume is not so truthful.

A few more scenes showing off how action packed this season will be and then closing with The Punisher getting off one more round from his shotgun.

So take a look for yourself and I you will get to see some of the awesome details that we are talking about.

The Punisher Netflix Series Bold Predictions

Possible Spoilers If Prediction Comes True

So for the Punisher Season 1 on Netflix my bold prediction is….

We will see some of Netflix other Marvel heroes make their presence know to the Punisher in Season 1. If I was to make a bet on who they might select it would have to be Luke Cage. Seeing as he is bullet proof and well Frank loves his guns.

The Punisher Trailer Breakdown Bold Prediction Luke Cage

And Marvel knows that its fans love to see cross overs.

But I love to hear what you think about the trailer or who a possible cross over candidate could be? So leave a comment, share or connect with us on social media we really appreciate hearing from you!!

As always have a SUPER DAY!!