Justice League Movie Post Credit Scenes Explained

Both Justice League Post Credit Scenes Explained

The DC Comics Justice League Movie was released last week in the US and has left us with not one but two post credit scenes. There is a very different tone between the two post credit scenes that we are presented with.

So we wanted to take a deeper look at the meanings and possible plans laid out for future DC Movies. That could possibly stem from these scenes.

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But be weary of SPOILERS if you have not gotten to see the new Justice League Movie.

As both of these scenes happen at the end of the movie and could give away major plot points. But if you have seen it or just want to know what happened before you hit the theater, we can move forward.

So with these two scenes we get a view of two very different sides of the DCEU. The first depicting a very fun loving moment.

Where two of our favorite heroes are pitted against each other for a little friendly competition.

And on the other side of this we see a scene that shows us the darker side of the DC Universe. With two of the more well know villains that the Justice League faces, planning something evil for the movies to come.

But lets check out what happened and what some deeper meanings could be.

Justice League Movie Poster 2017 Both Post Credit Scene Explained


Justice League Movie Superman VS The Flash: Who’s Faster?

The first of these that we see at the beginning of the credits is the much lighter of the two. Which from what we are hearing will be the route the DC Cinematic Universe will be taking for the foreseeable future.

You find yourself looking at Superman and The Flash standing in what looks like an open field in full costume. But you come to find out that what you are seeing is an iconic moment pulled right off the pages of a DC Comic.

Its a race!

Between the Man of Steel and the self proclaimed Fastest Man Alive. That is happening for the first time on the big screen.

We have gotten to see similar races like this happening on the small screen with the CW’s Supergirl and The Flash racing. And also during Superman’s small screen run on the WB’s Smallville.

This has occurred numerous times in the comics where these God like heroes try to see who is the fastest. But its first appearance happening in 1967’s in DC Comic Superman #199.

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Justice League Post Credit Scenes Explained Superman Comic Book #199

They do end the scene without showing us who wins the race.

But hopefully they carry this into moment into future movies and use it for some playful banter between Clark and Barry. Maybe starting the next movie with Barry at brunch with the other league members?

Since he tells us how he hates it so much.

Could end up being pretty funny!

So hopefully with the addition of Marvel director Joss Whedon we will start to see a lot more of the light hearted and fun loving DC Cinematic Universe. Similar to the style that he has brought to movies like Avengers and Age of Ultron.

I really hope that they learn from this because the Justice League members interacting amongst themselves was the best part of the movie. Their chemistry was one of the highlights that made the movie enjoyable.

We want more of that Warner Brothers Executives!

Justice League Movie Henry Cavill as Superman races Ezra Miller as The Flash

Who do you think is going to win the race? Superman or The Flash?

Let us know in the comments below!

Enough of the first of the post credit scenes. Lets take a look at the darker second scene.

General DC


Dawn of the Injustice League?

To start off our second scene, we see a prison guard approaching an inmate at Arkham Asylum with a very shiny bald head. We can all assume this is the infamous Lex Luther.

And then made even more apparent as he calls out his name.

Justice League Movie Post Credit Scene Explained Lex Luthor

But wait, its not him! So where is Lex you ask?

Well they cut us away from the prison to a speed boat approaching a yacht in the middle of the ocean. And again we can assume this is Lex approaching his yacht in the speed boat to escape inprisonment.

And again we are fooled! Because he is already on the yacht waiting for this mystery guest we have not seen yet. But we do see the silhouette of this guest approaching Luther and is none other than the dual sword wielding Slade Wilson aka Deathstroke.

Some of you might be familiar with Deathstroke from the DC TV Show Arrow. Where Slade Wilson and Oliver Queen have a bit of history. This will be his first appearance in the DC Cinematic Universe and is rumored to get his own movie or spotlight in other big DC Movies.

Like The Batman! But at this point we just have to wait and see!

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Justice League Movie Post Credit Scene Explained Joe Manganiello as Deathstroke aka Slade Wilson

This Deathstroke will be played by Joe Manganiello who was recently confirmed for this role.

But back to the scene!

The discussion between Luther and Wilson is where we are directed towards the potential future movies. It really gets your inner fanboy mind racing! 

They discuss the return of Superman and the formation of the Justice League. And come to the conclusion that if the heroes are going to have a league of there own.

Then they should team up to create a league of super villains to combat them. 

And who could this league be that they are discussing…

Well there is no shortage of villain team ups in the 80 years of DC Comics. So some possibles could be the Legion of Doom, H.I.V.E., the Brotherhood of Evil or the Anti-Justice League.

But from the DC Villains that are already slated to appear in the DC Cinematic Universe I would put my money on the Injustice League.

Justice League Movie Post Credit Scene Explained Injustice League

As I mentioned in this sections head!!

We know that Lex Luthor and Deathstroke will be key members as they normally are. But they are prominent members in both the classic and New 52’s Injustice League.

If they follow the New 52 Comic book Injustice League, we also will most likely see Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam and Yahya Abdul-Mateen II as Black Manta join them.

As Black Manta will be in the upcoming Aquaman stand alone movie and Black Adam is slated for his own stand alone movie or a possible appearance in the Suicide Squad 2 movie.

So as long as they survive their other adventures we will most likely see them join this evil league.

Also notable members that we hope will join the Injustice League along side Luther, Deathstroke, Black Adam and Black Manta are…

Bizarro, Catwoman, Sinestro, Reverse Flash and even the Joker.

All extremely iconic DC Super Villains that deserve their chance to appear or reappear on the big screen. Plus it will be interesting to see how they could introduce these characters to the story lines.

As we are seeing some older versions of heroes than we are used to.  We could see some villains they faced off with in the past that escaped along side Lex!!

And if thats not enough cause for them to appear!

Then the Flash’s stand alone Flashpoint movie could play a major role in this. Because if you are not aware, Flashpoint is all about time travel and the paradox stemming from time travel.

So who knows how the world will be different after Barry messes with the time line.

But what villains would you want to see join this league of super villains?

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Justice League Post Credit Scene

These are the details that we gathered from the two post credits scenes from the Justice League movie. And what could become possible moving forward in the DCEU.

If we missed something or you spotted some cool detail let us know in the comments below or on Facebook!!!

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And as always have a SUPER DAY!!!