Marvel Comics Runaways TV Series 1st Trailer Breakdown

Marvel’s Runaways Trailer Breakdown

We have talked about the history and met the Runaways in our other posts. But now we get to see a lot more action on screen. Even if we only get 1 minute and 55 seconds more.

So I want to take a closer look at the trailer to see what might have been missed, some possible easter eggs and bold predictions. Also see if we can combine it withsome things we saw in the teaser to come up with a clearer picture of what the 1st Season of the Runaways will look like.

So lets take a look…

Marvel Runaways Season 1 Trailer Breakdown

Up to this point we know that this Hulu TV Series is going to premier on November 21st and it is created by the pretty well know duo of Josh Schultz and Stephanie Savage.

Sadly still no news letting us know if it all will drop at the same time like a Netflix TV series or one by one like traditional TV show.

But the story places us in the early years of our heroes high school years.

Alex’s dad Geoffrey, played by Ryan Sands, states in the teaser that this group of teens were once great friends. He makes this very clear when he says, “The kids who know you when your young, No one will ever know you like that again, so don’t give up on that”.

But something has pushed them apart. 

Not exactly sure what has pushed them away yet but as we all know, high school has a way of tearing old friends apart. And from the looks of these individuals they do belong to different groups.

But we have a feeling that what they discover is going to push them back together.

So lets jump into the first part of the trailer and see what might of been missed.

The Runaways Reunion

So the trailers starts off by showing us the high school in question for tearing our team of heroes apart.

But we see Alex Wilder finding Nico Minoru in a hall lined with lockers inside the school. He is telling her how he wants to get the gang back together. Telling her that he knows it will never be like it was but he misses his childhood friends.

While we hear Alex telling Nico this we see clips of the other members of the Runaways seemingly isolated in their everyday lives. Tied to the clicks they have become a part of but almost dazed as if they not really there.

Starting us off is Chase at a Party drinking beer.

Karolina being driven around in a town car in the city.

Gert just hanging around.

While Molly is on her laptop in her bedroom.

All of this appears to be normal high school activities. But like we mentioned they just seem like they are starring off into space. Thinking or envisioning something else. Maybe they had the same idea as Alex did.

We will have to wait to find out.

As the song for this trailer starts we do see one more shot of Alex holding a digital camera. The camera has an image of the group all together before they became the Runaways.

Marvel Runaways Trailer Breakdown Picture of Runaways

As he is looking at this image of a seemingly normal group of kids.

A knock at the door. 

Hmmm.. who do you think it could be.

Check out the full song for Runaways Trailer: Sea Castle by Purity Ring

Runaways Secret Family Problems

Well the other members of our team of course.

Marvels Runaways cast Trailer Breakdown

This next section of the trailer starts us off with more scenes from the teaser. The whole team shows up at Alex’s door at the exact same time. But it doesn’t look like he was expecting them and apparently neither we their parents.

The teens meander through the mansion and see items of their parents. Most notably Nico sees her mothers purse on the table.

We jump to Alex’s parents talking about how this could be a problem with all the children in the house during their ceremony. Geoffrey, Alex’s dad, seems much more concerned. While his mother brushes off the concerns and tells him, “the last thing they are interested in is what their parents are doing”.

Seems reasonable….

and probably true if your parents are having a few drinks or playing cards.

Not preparing for a ritual that requires blood red robes and hidden passageways through your house.

Now at this point the Runaways are still walking around the house doing a bit of exploring. When Alex happens upon a secret switch in what looks like his formal dining room. That secret switch reveals a door to the secret passages through his house.

Marvel Runaways Narnia Door Trailer Breakdown

I do love Alex’s line in the teaser that they left out of the trailer. He says, “This is some Narnia shit”.

Paying homage to another group of kids who went through a secret passage that changed their lives.

But the group heads into the passage and down the stairs to spy on their parents Charity Meeting”. As they view over the banister they see their parents circled around a young women in those blood red robes. Ready to preform some type of satanic sacrifice.

The Runaways Peering Over Banister

A blinding light and a loud scream comes from down below and we cut away as the parents spot their kids standing above. Then the Runaways do what they do best AND…

High tail it out of their.

You thought I was going to say run..

Then we pan back to another conversation between Alex and Nico. Where she is explaining that none of their parents are who they thought they were. The team is starting to piece things together about The Pride.

The secret organization of criminals that their parents form.

We jump to another scene where Alex is peering around the corner. To his disbelief, he sees all of their parents standing in the kitchen drinking wine as if nothing happened.

The Runaways Trailer Breakdown The Pride in the Kitchen

The Runaways Powers, Gadgets and Abilities

This is my favorite sequence in the trailer. It gives us our first good look at the powers the Runaways have will look like on screen. And we get to see two shots that give us a little better look at Old Lace.

The female dinosaur that has been telepathically link to Gert by her parents. First we see her rip through what looks like another lab and then a shot of her stalking through the forest.

We believe this is after they have left there homes and are living in the abandoned mansion.

Mostly because we see them sharing rooms and meeting in cluttered  low light rooms.

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Starting off in a very dark room that looks like an engine room on a ship we see steam shooting off. If you look closely you can make out Chase sneaking into what we believe is his fathers lab. This is the lab where he creates all the cool gear that Chase acquires.

Like his Fistigons, X-ray goggles and hopefully some other cool gadgets from the comics.

Then we see Molly laying next to Gert explaining how something does not feel right. And we see why in the next shot. Her powers are starting to manifest as we see her eyes glow with orange rings while she crushes a metal plate with her bare hands.

After we see Nico snooping around her house and stumbles upon a super powerful ancient relic.

Runaways Trailer Breakdown Nico Minoru Staff of One

The Staff of One. 

This would be like if Wong, from Dr. Strange, hid the Eye of Agamotto in the top drawer of his desk.

Not a great hiding spot.

Last but not least, we jump to Karolina showing her powers to Chase while she is glowing her natural alien look of blue, purple and pink solar energy.

At this point in the trailer you have probably already figured out that if you put 6 teenagers on a TV show together, relationships are going to form.

Marvel Runaways Trailer Breakdown Karolina Dean

And as we see Chase looking at Karolina he tells her he has a lot of questions.

so do we Chase, so do we….

But lets move forward.

What power are you most excited to see on screen? Let us know in the comments below or on our Facebook page!

The Runaways Mission

You have gotten to the point in the trailer were you start to see scenes cut together that put some type of plot to this story. We do know that this season of the Runaways will be based on the original comic book series.

So with that and the trailer we can piece together some semblance of what their mission is going to look like.

A lot of the shots we see during this sequence we believe are out of order. Because we see Chase’s father wearing the Fistigons and Tina Minoru holding the Staff of One. Which we know these items eventually ends up in the hands of their children.

Marvel Runaways Trailer Breakdown Tina Minoru

We hear the Pride talking about needing another sacrifice and seeing them back in the blood red robes. This lets you assume that they get pretty close.

But we are going to take a wild stab in the dark and assume this is what the team is attempting to stop.

Wait…. is that Karolina tied up in the back of a van?? 

But she is one of the most powerful members of the Runaways. How could they have caught her? Presumably, she does not know how to utilize her powers at this point and time so she was caught but a much more experience member of her alien race with similar abilities.

Later in the trailer we see her mother holding her hand in a pure white room. While Karolina appears to have crystal white skin as well.

But throughout the series of action shots and clips one stands out.

Marvel Runaways Trailer Breakdown Funeral

The scene where we see The Pride carrying a casket walking through a cemetery. Just because these are teen super heroes does not mean that they everyone is going to make it out alive. During their run in the comics there were a few casualties.

But without more information we have no guess as to who it is. Or if it is one of the Runaways. It might very well be a member of the Pride….

Anyway back to the trailer…

This takes us to the last scene. An awesome shot of the Runaways, where we see the team fully assembled and what looks like preparing for a fight.

Marvel Runaways Trailer Breakdown Last Scene

Marvel Comics Runaways Bold Prediction

So for my bold prediction for the Runaways I am going to prediction…..

That we possibly see a 7th member of the team join. I do not want to spoil anything with this post so I am not going to mention any names. But I will say that this person could possibly come between some of the love interests on the team you see forming in the trailer.

And possibly cause some internal troubles…

If you want to do a bit of digging through comic book land. Happy hunting but thats where I am going to leave my predictions.

That way I am not the one to ruin any surprises for you if my prediction comes true.

But Check out the trailer for yourself and let us know what your bold predictions are in comments below or on our Facebook Page.

and as always have a SUPER DAY!!


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