Meet The Runaways Marvel’s New TV Series

Meet Marvel’s Runaways

In this post we are going to go through a brief background from the pages of Marvel’s Runaways, expectations for the show and the six main characters you will meet in the first season. Get Ready to meet team from the new Hulu exclusive show.

This show is going to hold a special place in my heart since it is dropping on my BIRTHDAY this year, November 21st on Hulu.

This season will consist of 10 episodes but they have not disclosed if they will drop the whole season at one time like Netflix does with its New Marvel TV Shows or one at at time like your typical network show. We will see…

As a seemingly unknown team of super heroes I think that the casting director and producers made awesome choices picking actors who can make a name for themselves with this series.

I am just fond of a journey of self discovery from the characters and the actors portraying them.

Check out the Runaways Teaser below


Who didn’t think, at least once, that there parents were evil at one time or another during your teen years.

Well for this group of six teens, their parents took it to a whole new level. Like Dr. Doom or Ultron Evil level.

Marvel’s Runaways: History Lesson

In July 2003 Creators Brian K Vaughan and Adrain Alphona brought the Runaways to life and in there first series of comics things unfold like this…

Marvel's Runaways Comic #1

These seemingly normal high school teens get stuck at a boring yearly gathering at the Wilder mansion. Their great idea to snoop on there parents meeting turns out to change there lives. They discover that their parents yearly meeting is a front for a ritual to sacrifice a human life.

This makes this rag tag group of teenagers to, well lack of a better word, RUNAWAY!!

They start a journey together to try and stop there parents but it begin to discover more about their parents and their different powers. They find out that the group of super villains know as the Pride are actually their parents.

As a home base they find an abandoned mansion to hide out that they call the Hostel. This becomes there own personal Bat Cave…. Wait wrong universe…. Ummm there own personal Avengers Tower.

As a side note… With the release of the Runaways happening so close to the release of Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger. You would have to believe that these two series would overlap since they quiet frequently overlap in the comics.

Now I want to introduce you to the six original Runaways

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1. Alex Wilder 

Alex Wilder is going to be played by Rhenzy Feliz who you might, possible, probably not recognize from the two notable shows he has frequented, Casual and Teen Wolf.

Rhenzy Feliz stars as Alex Wilder in Marvel's Runaways

Before he was a member of the team, he was normal nerdish high school team. His parents, Geoffrey and Catherine Wilder, want him to become a doctor but Alex dreams of designing video games.

But as the team comes together, Alex Wilder becomes the de facto leader of the Runaways.

Even though he has no super powers of his own. He makes up for his lack of powers with an incredible intelligence and superior logic and strategic skill.

On top of being powerless, Alex is the only member of Marvel’s Runaway who decides not to create or use a own code name. He does this because he wants to pull the Wilder name out of the mud and redeem it to its past glory.

We will see if he can redeem the Wilder name or if he will drag it deeper in the mud…

2. Nico Minoru 

Bringing a little bit of the Dr. Strange feel to the Runways. Nico Minoru is the daughter of magical experts Tina and Robert Minoru.

As a high school student Nico, played by Lyrica Okano, is some what of an outcast goth but as a member of the Runaway she completely changes and becomes a Wiccan goth.

Wait… that is not a change at all but she does get sweet powers.

Lyrica Okano stars as Nico Minoru in Marvel's Runaways

She goes by her code name Sister Grimm and comes to wield the Staff of One. The Staff of One is a super powerful ancient relic much like Dr. Strange’s Cloak of Levitation. Sister Grimm uses the staff to cast magical spells beyond her novice abilities.

It does come with an interesting catch, she can only use these spells one time and one time only.

Hence the name, Staff of “One”…. Make sure you read the manual because if you choose to use the same spell again you will cause more chaos than help.

The Staff is also blood bonded to whoever wields its power and cannot be summoned without a blood sacrifice. The summoning must be warranted or summoned with intent.

This way if she gets a cut on her arm the staff does not just appear.

3. Karolina Dean

Lucy in the Sky with diamondsssss!!!!

Karolina Dean – Code Name – Lucy in the Sky

Virginia Gardner stars as Karolina Dean in Marvel's Runaways

Karolina is pretty, the perfect student, top of her class in every way. On the outside she appears to be an average teenage girl. But she is under the pressures from her parents to be the best at everything but she dreams of being a normal high school student.

As she come to find out, her family is anything but normal. They are members of an alien race known as the Majesdane. And this is why her parents are so demanding of perfection in her human life. They believe that there race is far superior to there earthly neighbors.

We do find out that they were exiled from there home world for criminal activities.

Karolina’s powers all stem from her alien heritage that feed and absorb solar energy. She can fly, project solar energy blasts and forcefields to protect her and her Runaway comrades.

Because all her powers stem from the sun, she is a lot less powerful at night.

Karolina is very fluid in  when it comes to her powers and her sexuality during her spell in the comics. It will be interesting to see how actress Virginia Gardner and crew handle this in the TV show.

4. Gertrude Yorkes

Gertrude, played by Ariela Barer, is another member of the Runaways without a super power.

But she is by far my favorite member of this group of teenagers. Mostly because of her trusted animal-ish companion, Old Lace.

Disappointingly we have not yet seen any real footage of Old Lace at this point but hopefully they will drop some promotional material soon!

Ariela Barer stars as Gert Yorkes in Marvel's Runaways

Old Lace is a gift from her Gert’s parents that she happened to find in a secret closet in the Yorkes home.

Hmmm… a female Deinonychus – Raptor like dinosaur hidden in your house. Must of been well trained.

But Old Lace is a genetically engineered and telepathically linked dinosaur that follows Gert’s every command. She can and has transfer command to other members of the Runaways and even shares an emotional connection with Old Lace.

Gert takes on a seemingly unrelated code name, Arsenic as a member of the team.

5. Chase Stein

Chase is the oldest member of the Runaways. He is the popular guy in school and from the outside looking in, you would think dumb jock or high school heart throb.

Depending on your point of view.

Gregg Sulkin stars as Chase Stein in Marvel's Runaways

But underneath that persona we find out that Code name Talkback has a genius level intellect when it comes to Engineering. Following in his mad scientist fathers foot steps.

Like a poor mans Tony Stark, Chase Stein’s super power is his ability to create gadgets to fight crime. He steals his signature Fistigons from his father collection of inventions.

The Fistigons are supposedly the worlds strongest gloves and grant him the power to conjure and manipulate fire. Then he later invents the teams personal transport vehicle, the Leapfrog. But I doubt we will see this in the TV show at this point.

Also as a typical 18 year old boy, Chase decides to steal a pair of X-Ray goggles from his parents vault as well.

We will see how actor Gregg Sulkin portrays Chase’s reckless spirt.

6. Molly Hernandez (Hayes in Comics)

The Youngest member of this Super Hero Team, Molly Hernandez is a innocent and peepy teenage girl who just wants to fit in.

Allegra Acosta stars as Molly Hernandez / Hayes in Marvel's Runaways

Molly has been given the Code name Bruiser by her fellow Runaway Chase because of her powers but she prefers the code name she gave herself Princess Powerful.

She is the most powerful member of this super team. Having Superhuman strength, endurance and she is pretty much invulnerable. She is a formidable foe to even the mightiest heroes or villains even at a young age.

Because of the amount of energy her power requires she often becomes extremely sleepy after using it.

Or she could just be a lazy teenage girl….

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Now that you have met the Runaways and there animal-ish companion. Let us know what comic book TV Show or Movie you would like to learn about next.

If you want to do your own research check out the Marvel Encyclopedia or you can start with Runaways #1. And if you find something that I didn’t mention, let me know and I love to learn.

Let us know who your excited to see in the Runaways.

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