New Deadpool 2 Movie Teaser Wet on Wet Breakdown

Deadpool 2 Movie Teaser Breakdown

The Merc with the Mouth is not part of the standard Marvel Cinematic Universe and is still owned by 21st Century Fox along with the others in the X-Men Franchise. But is part of the lineup of extremely successful Marvel Heroes with their own movies. So we wanted to check out all the awesome easter eggs and references dropped in this unusual teaser.

After the success of the odd promotional campaign of the first Deadpool movie.

We are starting to see Deadpool 2 launch its own crazy marketing campaign. With the Merc with the Mouth showing up in Good House Keeping and now impersonating late TV personality/painter Bob Ross on his show ‘The Joy of Painting’.

And good old Wade Wilson doesn’t disappoint.

Lets check it out…Deadpool 2 Movie Teaser in Good House Keeping

As you can probably tell this teaser is filled with a lot of abnormalities. If you are comparing it to your normal Superhero teaser trailer.

But they do remember to drop some awesome action clips in from the movie too.

And from what we have gathered from social media, set photos and the teasers. We believe we will see a lot of returning team members to face off against a new unnamed villain played by Jack Kesy.

But is rumored to be Deadpool Comic book villain Black Tom.

General Marvel

Along with the returning Team Pool Members, we will see some new members helping take down this new Super villain.

Including his straight man, Cable and fellow Merc Domino. They will join the team too face some kind of world ending and time altering event.

And Deadpool will not take any of it seriously.

So we will be there with Cable while he has to deal with his mischief and raunchy jokes.

But lets check out the characters we see during this brief teaser, some easter eggs and off the rails references.

Returning Team Deadpool Members

These are all the team members we got to meet in the first Deadpool movie. Who we see in rejoining the team and helping Wade fight off whatever evil he might face.

And provide some great comic relief to.

Of Course – Deadpool/Wade Wilson – Ryan Reynolds

Deadpool 2 Movie Teaser Wade Wilson

Vanessa – Morena Baccarin

Deadpool 2 Movie Teaser Vanessa

Weasel – TJ Miller

Deadpool 2 Movie Teaser TJ Miller as Weasel

Dopinder – Karan Soni

Deadpool 2 Movie Teaser Dopinder

Blind Al – Leslie Uggams

Deadpool 2 Movie Teaser Blind Al

Negasonic Teenage Warhead – Brianna Hildebrand

Deadpool 2 Movie Teaser Negasonic Teenage Warhead

New Deadpool 2 Characters

Cable/Nathan Summers – Josh Brolin

Deadpool 2 Movie Teaser Cable Played by Josh Brolin

Domino – Zazie Beetz

Deadpool 2 Movie Teaser Domino

Unknown Character – Jullian Dennison

Deadpool 2 Movie Teaser Jullian Dennison playing an unknown mutant

We are not sure what character Jullian will be playing. But we do see him tapping into what looks like a power revolving around fire. So we can guess that he will see him portraying either Wicken, Sunfire or Pyro.

These are all Mutants who can control or manifest fire with their powers but we will have to see more.

But we will have to wait to find out exactly what character he will be playing.

Who do you think he will play? One of the mutants that we picked or another mutant we didn’t think of?

Let us know in the comments below.

Deadpool’s Paint Color Selections

We can say he has exotic tastes in his color selections when he selects this assortment. These selections are all attached to a deeper meaning and some of them just for fun. So take a look at his selection.

Deadpool 2 Movie Teaser Wet on Wet Easter Eggs and References

Girls of Indigo – the Indigo Girl’s Band

Soylent Green – 1973 Film where Soylent Green is food made of people

Mennen Black – Obviously referencing the Men-In-Black movies

Box Office Gold – The ton of money Deadpool 1 made at the Box Office

Doc Brown – Character from Back to The Future

Pretty In Pink – 80s Teen Movie

Silverlicious – A Childrens Book

Yellow Snow – Well we know what Yellow Snow is…

Betty White – The Famous Betty White

Red Dit – The Well Know Forum Platform

Not sure if you can pick these up or if you have to special order these

Deadpool Credits

So if clicked away before the credits end you missed some more hysterical references to pop culture, music and movies.

Again a callback to Bob Ross as Ross Bobart.

Chief Engineer Geordie Leforge from Star Trek: The Next Generation running the show.

Tom Edison is doing the lighting! Which is not a lie since Thomas Edison created the light bulb.

Camera operator 1 and 2 are Wayne Campbell which is a references the Movie Wayne’s World. Where we see Wayne referring to his left eye as Camera 1 and right eye as Camera 2.

Untitled Deadpool Sequel Wayne Campbell from Wayne's World

Security is run by Dalton. Referencing Patrick Swayze’s character from the movie Roadhouse where he plays a security guard.

Untitled Deadpool Sequel Securty Dalton Referencing Patrick Swayze

And finally getting a grip from Chim Chim from the Speed Racer cartoon.

Untitled Deadpool Sequel Chim Chim from Speed Racer

Deadpool 2 starting shooting in June of 2017. While Fox’s X-Men franchise leader Simon Kinberg confirmed the Wade and his team of misfits will hit theaters June 1st, 2018.

So these are all the cool nods and references we saw but if you caught anything else let us know in the comments below or join us on Facebook!!

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And as always have a SUPER DAY!!


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