Marvel’s X-Men Spinoff The New Mutants Trailer Breakdown

The New Mutants Trailer Breakdown

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is expanding again with the addition of upcoming Marvel movie New Mutants. We wanted to do a New Mutants Trailer breakdown of the new trailer that was dropped on director John Boone’s Instagram on Friday the 13th.

We want to to explain who the characters we are going to see, what we gathered about a possible plot and some easter eggs.

Marvel's The New Mutants Teaser Trailer Breakdown

The New Mutants trailer does give off a very different feel from anything else that Marvel has brought to the table to date. In an Interview IGN did with John Boone where he confirmed that this will be the start of a straight horror corner of the MCU.

Only the start because he would like this to evolve into a Marvel Horror Trilogy. He also spoke about how this film will loosely be based on “The Demon Bear Saga” , a legendary New Mutant comic series.

And from the limited clips in the trailer it looks to be horrifying to say the least…

X-Men Spin Off

As you can tell from the title of the movie, these characters are presumably all mutants. Like many of the other mutants in the MCU they are tied to the same universe as the X-Men Movies and the Deadpool Movie.

But as normal this brings me a slight tear because we know that they will never mingle with the Iron Man and the rest of the Avengers.

But let’s move on…

So in this trailer we are not seeing Charles Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters. We are presumably seeing a Weapon X like factory set in a old abandoned insane asylum. That is pumping out super powered weapons or experimenting on these children.

Much like the factory we saw in Deadpool that helped awaken his latent Mutant DNA.

New Mutants Trailer Breakdown Insane Assylum

It appears in this trailer that the New Mutants powers have already been awaken but they are not in full control of these powers. Which seems to be the cause of some of the horror we seeing in the trailer. But we will discuss that later.

So who is heading the Xavier Mansion of horrors?

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Dr. Cecilia Reyes

Alice Braga who plays, Dr. Cecilia Reyes is a name that most comic book fans will recall as Forcefield. Also, know as the mutant who initial turned down Professor Xavier’s offer to join his school and the X-Men.

It appears that Dr. Cecilia Reyes will be heading up the experiments from the glimpse and audio we got from the trailer.

But we would expect some type of puppet master leading the charge from behind the scenes.

But from comments of cast and crew we do not think that this will be the same character that all of us have come to know from the source material.

First we see no hints of her Psioplasmic Bio Field anywhere in the trailer. Even when we view deep scratches on her face. Also at first glance she seems to be a much more sinister character in the movie.

New Mutants Trailer Dr Cecilia Reyes played by Alice Braga-min

I go more in-depth on her powers and the other New Mutants powers in my Meet the New Mutants Post.

She dedicated her life to trauma surgery when she witnessed her father being gunned down during a drive by shooting as a young child. But as soon as she achieved her dream her mutant genes kicked in.

So we will have to wait for another New Mutants trailer to determine if she wants to help these “Baby Rattlesnakes” or not.

The “Baby Rattlesnakes”

So the trailer opens with audio from Dr. Reyes. She is talking to one member of the New Mutants. Almost like some sort of examination at your normal Dr’s office.

But she asks an odd series of questions and wants truthful responses.

The most impactful part is when she says, “Did you know that baby rattlesnakes are more dangerous than adult ones? They have not learned how to control how much venom they secrete”.

This is obviously a metaphor directed towards these children not being able to control their powers.

Then the trailer drops into Pink Floyd’s We Don’t Need No Education, which is a perfect song for this.

“We don’t need no education

We don’t need no thought control

No dark sarcasm in the classroom

Teachers leave them kids alone”

There are a ton of other metaphors used during the Marvel Comics New Mutants Trailer including a ton stemming right from this song choice.

But during the next few clips we see get to see our first clips of the main members of the MCU New Mutants. The first member we see is Danielle Moonstar aka Mirage played by Blu Hunt.

She is who we see Dr. Reyes speaking to while she is taking some blood with an IV is attached to her arm.

Then we get our first clip of Magik or lllyana Rasputin who is played by Anya Taylor-Joy. As she appears to hear someone coming into the room she is sitting in. I am super excited they picked Magik as one of the characters for this movie.

Because she is going to make it an easy cross over into the X-Men or Deadpool Universe because she just happens to be X-Men member Colossus’s younger sister in the comics.

On to our next member we see, Roberto da Costa aka Sunspot who is played by Henry Zaga. He just happens to be moseying down a dark creepy hallway all alone.

Marvel New Mutants Sunspot Roberto da Costa played by Henry Zaga

Bad Move Roberto.

On to my favorite casting choice in this movie.

Maisie Williams who is playing Rahne Sinclair who goes by her code name Wolfsbane. Mostly because I am a Game of Thrones fanatic but it is awesome to see her talent in some other roles.

So Arya, I mean Rahne!!! For now we see her just sitting in a chair but we catch back up to her later.

Then finally we get a glimpse of one of the leaders of the New Mutants in the comics, Cannonball. Whose real name is Sam Guthrie. Sam is played by actor Charlie Heaton who has a history with the horror genre. Coming to the cast from Netflix hit show Stranger Things.

In his short scene he seems horrified as he approaches a group of washing machines.

We go way more in depth with the characters and there powers in our other post: Who Are Marvel’s New Mutants.

Super Powered Haunted House

New Mutant Trailer Faces in Wall

I wanted to give a heads up that I watched this trailer for the first time in my living room with my Beats over ear head phones on and the volume turned up. I mean its just a Marvel Super Hero Trailer. Its not going to be a scary jumpy horror film.

Even if it did come out on Friday the 13th around midnight in October.

THEN SLAMMM, a flaming hand pounds against the door of the washing machine we just spoke about!!!

I jumped straight out of my seat and my wife hasn’t stopped making fun of me since.

But at this point in the trailer we are starting to see some terrifying images and sounds. We see faces trying to dig themselves out of the walls, flickering hallway lights and Cannonball trapped in what looks like mine shaft.

Wait…. was that Warlock? Their is a quick clip of IIlyana and Sam walking into a room where we see a shadowy figure with a white smily face mask on scare them half to death.

New Mutants Trailer Break Down Possible Warlock-min

We are not quiet sure yet if it is Warlock or another sinister manifestation trapped inside this asylum with the other Mutants. But we are leaning towards no at this point.

Mostly because Boone has said in interviews that he wants to turn this into a trilogy. Where fan favorite characters like Warlock and Karma are introduced in later installments.

This part of the New Mutants trailer does lead us to believe that these horrors are stemming from one our teams own powers going out of control.

The mine shaft scene is what really triggers this assumption. It shows Sam, Cannonball, in the same clothes as we see him inside during the flaming hand scene.

Maybe this is a memory of him back in Kentucky working in a mine shaft or maybe it is a just a mirage.

Check Out The Trailer For Yourself

New Mutants Bold Prediction

So we have a lot of time to contemplate what everything means in this trailer. The movie is schedule to come out on April 13th 2018.

But our bold prediction, even though they are taking this to the horror genre. Is that we see a cross over of some more main stream X-Men characters like Professor X or Jean Grey by the time the credits role.

Maybe it will even be Colossus with Deadpools help. Coming to save his little sister from whoever is pulling the strings behind Dr. Reyes.

Let us know your predictions for the X-Men Spinoff: The New Mutants in the comments below or join us on Facebook!!

As always have a SUPER DAY!!!