Marvel Inhumans TV Series: The Royal Family

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Marvel Inhumans Royal Family Members

In this post I want to cover all of the members of Marvels Inhuman Royal Family, a brief background and of course there amazing set of Super Powers!!


And as always I will link to cool collectibles that I found throughout.

But Hmmmm….. a royal family??? Who could they be?? Well they are exactly what you would expect. A family made up of the strongest of the Inhumans who are descended from the leaders before them. They rule over the Inhuman city of Attilan.

Marvels Inhuman Royal Family has had many members throughout different comic book story lines and the Inhumans own history books.

But in the TV show they are made up of their current king, Black Bolt, along with his queen Medusa, Karnak, Gorgon, Triton, Maximus and there enormous teleporting canine Lockjaw.

Check out the official San Diego Comic Con Trailer Below.

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Marvels Inhumans TV Series: Who Are They and Where do They Come From?

Marvel Comic TV Series Inhumans

Marvels Inhumans TV Series: Who Are They and Where do They Come From?

Marvels Inhumans are some of the most eccentric comic heroes and are being added to Marvels TV Show line up. Inhumans have teamed up with some little know teams like the AVENGERS, FANTASTIC FOUR and the X-MEN.

The Marvel Inhumans bring some heavy hitters to the table.

Like there leaders Black Bolt and Medusa. They have been part of the Marvel Universe since there first official appearance in 1965’s Fantastic Four #45.  But are relatively unknown to most main stream superhero fans.

So I decided to post this because there is nothing that erks me more than watching a movie or show and not knowing the back story or the characters!!

Lets catch you all up!!
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