Marvel Runaways TV Show Premier Episodes Review

Marvel Runaways TV Show So Far

If you already read Meet The Runaways or Runaways TV Show Season 1 Trailer Breakdown Posts. You will know that the Runaways are a group of teenagers who for lack of a better term, runaway from their parents. After they stumble upon on one of their parents secret meetings and witness them killing a young girl.

They find out that their parents are members of a secret organization know as the Pride.

Also finding out that their parents back stories range from evil wizards, time travelers, mobsters, aliens and even mad scientists.

The Runaways Comic books are a cult classic and loved by many. And this gives Marvel a fresh concept that is a little off the beat and path of the movies and TV Shows they have created to date.

There have been a lot of questions surrounding this new Hulu exclusive Marvel Show. Like how would it compare to Netflix series like the recently released Punisher and Defenders.

Or other Marvel shows like Agents of Shield.

Does it fit into the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Since some of the shows do and some do not.

But still a lot of questions..

But lets take a quick look at the first three episodes and why you should stick around…Marvel Runaways Trailer Breakdown Promotional Poster

Runaways Episode 1 – 3 Recap

Careful for Spoilers If Your Not Caught Up To Runaways Episode 3

The show kicks off with this group being torn apart after the death of one of the members. But the de facto leader Alex Wilder misses his friends and is doing what any teenager would do to get his friends back together.

Buy Pizza.

Runaways TV Series Runaways Back Together

Luckily the other members of this team end up at Alex’s house that night in one way or another. With the team back together on the night of their parents annual “Charity Meeting” they decide to explore and raid the parents liquor cabinet.

And this is when they stumble upon the entire backstory for this show. Finding out what their parents actually do at meetings and witnessing what looks to be some sort of ritual sacrifice.

Shocked and in disbelief, the teens decide to look into this situation further.

Because there is no way their parents could be murderous villains. Teaming up and exploring their houses looking for clues to eliminate the suspicions about their parents.

But clues are slowly being uncovered that points to their parents evil act being true.

If finding out that your parents are super villains isn’t enough. They are also discovering their own hidden powers and abilities.

Runaways TV Show Glimpse of Powers

To this point in the show the powers and abilities have been limited to a few glimpses and accidents the group is yet to understand. But finally as many have asked, we do get to see the dinosaur Old Lace.

Yes the dinosaur is in the show.

So I ask myself, will I keep watching this?

Absolutely! Mostly because I think this show is a doing a good job at defining the characters hero arcs and team dynamics.

And if this development keeps going well it could make for a great show that is going to pit these kids against their parents.

But let us know what you think in the comments!!

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Why You Should Keep Watching Marvel Runaways

I do not want to put this show on the same level as the Punisher or DareDevil just yet. But it is still early and they are introducing these characters to the general public who is not as familiar with them.

But we can definitely see how this show is lining up to turn into a classic on screen just like its comic book counterpart.

One thing that I find really interesting about this series is the way they are currently showing both sides of this story. We get the story from the perspective of the kids and perspective of the parents.

Runaways Parents Pride Meeting

Letting us get the full picture of what is going on. On one hand we see events unfold from the kids perspective. Then later we see these same moments in a later episode that show the other half from the parents perspective.

Letting us know that things are not always what they seem.

We start to realize that these villains, are not evil just for the sake of being evil. But they truly believe they are doing evil things for something good down the line.

This also gives a great look into the parents everyday lives which grounds them into reality. They maybe rich super villain witches, time travelers, etc.. But they suffer from the same issues that regular people like me and you do on a daily basis.

To this point in the show I am enjoying this technique and it keeps us coming back for more.

But beyond my anticipation of what their powers will look like on screen. My second favorite thing about this show so far is the team gathering together and their interactions with each other.

As they are very different kids who come from very different backgrounds. We see some of them mesh quiet well with one another while others but heads a bit.

And some even have bad blood with one another from past issues that are unresolved.

And as you might have expected when you put a group of teens together in any situations. The hormones start to flare up and we start to see budding love connections.

That might have implications down the line with the team.

Runaways TV Show Karolina, Chase and Gert Relationship Problems

But the drama does not stop with the teenagers.

Because as we learn as we spend more time with the parents that they have their own set of issues that they are dealing with. From old friends trying to terrorize them to scandalous romance.

Along with issues with their greater mission…

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