Why Write About Comic Book TV Shows and Movies

Hello Fellow Comic Book Fanatics!!

My name is Greg.

I LOVE comic book movies and TV shows. But I did not have the background with comic books that a lot of my comic book junkie friends did. I did not grow up with my head stuffed in a comic book or religiously watching my favorite show week in and week out.

I grew up playing sports and became good enough to turn it into a career for a little while. This did not leave me much time to do anything else outside of training, traveling and participating in events. The only Super Heroes I could even name were Superman and maybe Batman.

But one day in May of 2008 a friend of mine asked me to go to the movies to see a little movie called Iron Man. Iron Man was a turning point for Hollywood, but changed my world.

I fell in LOVE with anything and everything comic book related.

Since then I have made sure I see every scene from every comic book related movie or TV show that comes out.

New York City Comic Con 2017

I made sure to get my hands on any comic book, collectable and most of all anything on screen. I am still amazed how these directors and actors could bring to life the comic book characters that I was learning to love. So that is why I want share what I love with the world by starting DigitalEntertaimentReview.com

So what I would like to do is talk with you about what is going on with current and new comic book related TV Shows and comic book movies.

I want to give you my take on WHAT to watch, HOW you can watch every minute of it and WHEN it is going to be available.

I hope you enjoy my take on all these amazing TV shows and movies as much as I enjoy watching and talking about them.